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Top 10 Audience Favourites from Doc/Fest 2009

By Hussain Currimbhoy 11 November, 2009

The Top 10 audience favourites are below just for your viewing pleasure.

1 Junior
2 The Cove
3 RIP! A Remix Manifesto
4 Presumed Guilty
5 Rough Aunties
6 The September Issue
7 Extreme Private Eros
8 Sons of Cuba
9 Pianomania
10 Kings Of Pastry

This is some of the most interesting stuff for me - 3 of these titles are by debut filmmakers, there are 3 established masters here at least and only 2 are by UK directors. Sheesh! And I always thought that Sheffield loved its UK directors.

The mix of favourites here really stirs my confidence in Sheffield's audience. They love a good story, they love a bit of high brow and a bit low regular brow and not all the films are about a build up towards one thing - a championships, a publication, a concert etc. there is a mix of verite and artistic doc making here. Some campaign films and some fun films. Sheffield loves them all it seems.

Did I mention that tix sales went up by 50%! (not 30% as I estimated before. now that the full tally has come into us I can be a bit smug for a week.) Recession? Lack of interest in docs and issues? Come here and say that.

I can feel my ears getting warm.

Don't forget, if you were a delegate you can catch some of the programme at the Docondemand site.