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The Secret Life of Uri Geller - Psychic Spy?

  • Director(s):
    Vikram Jayanti
    Vikram Jayanti, Bruce Burgess
    • United Kingdom
    • 2013
    • 90 min
    • Digi Beta PAL
    • English

Many of us have a vague recollection of him as an eccentric spoon bender with rich and famous friends. Indeed, Uri Geller has made a fortune through his entertaining psychic demonstrations over forty years. But to a number of international intelligence communities Uri Geller is a valuable commodity -- as a psychic spy. Geller was already working for the Israeli military when he came to the attention of the CIA, who were astounded when he passed their psychic tests with flying colors. For an upcoming BBC documentary, director Vikram Jayanti interviews Geller and some former high ranking officials who took Geller very seriously, and pieces together the story of his role in a host of intelligence capers. A self-proclaimed Bond fan, Geller revels in the secrecy of his covert operations. But he is happy to reveal how he obtained his surprise Mexican citizenship: by pinpointing where to drill for oil.



Best of British



David Rea 
Emma Matthews 
Executive Producer:
André Singer 

Director Filmography

  • 2010, Rolf Harris Paints His Dream
  • 2008, The Agony & The Ecstasy of Phil Spector
  • 2008, Snowblind
  • 2003, Game Over: Kasparov & the Machine
  • 2001, James Ellroy's Feast of Death


Richard Melman

Managing Director

Spring Films Ltd


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13 Jun 16:30

Showroom 4
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