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Devise to Deliver 2

Do you have an idea for a film or transmedia experience? Or an immersive cross-platform tweety, facebookey, tumbled, hash-tagged thing that needs new funding and distribution options?

Do you want to get funding and an audience for it?

Do you want to work out what the idea actually is and how you'll get people to watch / engage with it?

Are you interested in being a Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD) or training someone in your company to be one?

How can you or your production company survive in the rapidly changing media landscape?

Doc/Fest and Crossover Labs, in partnership with Creative Skillset, present Devise to Deliver, training you in how to make digital technology revolutionise your creative, funding, distribution and marketing plans.

Devise to Deliver is returning after its first successful year, in which a large group of UK media-makers were trained to be self-sufficient specialists in multiplatform business and creativity.

Now with even more personal mentoring on offer, Devise to Deliver is a 7-month, UK-wide training scheme designed for professional filmmakers and cross-platform media-makers wishing to broaden their understanding of the possibilities of digital media, including developing multiplatform business skills and embracing new ways to fund, distribute and market films through digital technology.

"I gained a huge amount of new information and insight into the digital world, and this has in turn boosted my confidence, and enabled me to become a more self-sufficient filmmaker and business-person. On top of that, I found a new group of colleagues all inspired and motivated by the ethos of the people behind D2D: combining genuine editorial independence with creative innovation and effective business-mindedness. This is my ethos too, and finding such a supportive and forward-thinking place to develop my business as an independent producer has been invaluable. That kind of informed, committed solidarity is rare, and essential for success." (Devise to Deliver trainee 2012)


Devise to Deliver (D2D) is a comprehensive 6-stage programme starting in December 2012 and culminating at the Crossover Market at Sheffield Doc/Fest in June 2013 where participants will have the opportunity to pitch projects to digital market experts in matchmade meetings in a specially-devised version of MeetMarket.

The course is aimed at imaginative digital people all across the UK and takes place in locations across different regions. A mix of individual mentoring and group support, it features a masterclass day in February 2013, where trainees can hear case studies in successful digital innovation, and a market-preparation day in April 2013 which provides support in presenting projects to investors and audiences. Individual mentoring is offered throughout the course, and includes the mutual devising of a tailored invite list of experts to meet in the Crossover Market.

We are creating a uniquely UK-relevant training programme in how to harness digital technology and create a group of media leaders, reacting to a decline in traditional/public film financing by encouraging expertise in alternative fundraising and audience-reaching in a UK context, and excellence in interactive media production. We're inviting you to be a part of it.


"I think it might have been the best training programme I've ever been on. The organisation, the programming and the general atmosphere of openness and friendliness around the place were really refreshing." (Devise to Deliver trainee 2012)


We'll be inviting top international experts in interactive media and innovative funding and distribution to support trainees. We'll be matching trainees with the perfect mentor for them. This list will be added to as we get closer to the start of the programme:

Mark Atkin (Crossover/Documentary Campus)
Adam Cassels (Audience Entertainment)
Rebecca Denton
Andy Glynne (DFG)
Emma Harvey (Numiko)
Christo Hird (Dartmouth Films)
Kirsty Hunter (Project Factory)
Paula Le Dieu (Freelance)
Oli Lewington (Freelance)
Siobhan O'Flynn (Narrative Now)
Michel Reilhac (Arte France / Freelance)


Applications for Devise to Deliver 2 have now closed. If you have any queries about your application please email Chris Black.


The programme has 6 stages over 7 months:

Stage 1 / December 2012 / 3 full-day Regional Introductory Sessions

For up to 25 people in each location, these sessions will ask "What do you need to do to create a project that is built for a new type of audience?" and "How do you get it to them?" Topics covered will offer a grounding in how to navigate the quickly changing media world and introduce strategies to design projects, ideas and concepts that are fully formed with the audience at the centre. The day will end with short presentations from participants , followed be feedback, leading towards project selection to go onto the next stages of the programme. Those not selected onward for Stage 2 are also offered distance support throughout the programme, and their presentations at this stage will be used as a basis for this.

Stage 1 takes place in the following locations:

Manchester - December 6th
London - December 7th
Newcastle - December 13th

Stage 2 / December 2012 - February 2013 / Initial Mentoring

Project manager Charlie Phillips and mentors from previous Doc/Fest and Crossover Labs events offer individual- and project-specific mentoring, providing a combination of market intelligence, information on access to funders, and creative development of specific projects. In all these areas, the emphasis is on empowering filmmakers to take responsibility for their own investment and distribution, going beyond top-down models of funding and distribution, and feeling empowered to collaborate with others. Mentoring will be project and individual specific, but each participant will have approximately 8 hours of mentoring over 3 months each. Individual mentoring means that real personal nurturing can take place, led by mentors who are experts in the real details of new funding / distribution and interactive media. Mentoring will be a combination of meetings and video conferences, depending on respective locations.

Stage 3 / 14th February 2013 / Masterclass Day / Newcastle

All 25 participants from Stage 2 will come together, with some of their Stage 1 counterparts, for a masterclass day. The day will have a series of short keynotes, offering participants the chance to listen to leaders in film innovation, but also to meet, share knowledge already gained, exchange expertise with each other, and commence a process of acting as each others peer mentors.

Masterclass Day Programme / Thu 14th February 2013 / 09:30-18:00

09:30 - 09:45 - Introduction

09:45 - 10:45 - Mark Atkin / Crossover Labs / From the Sea to the Land Beyond case study

In the first session of the day Mark will provide a case study on From the Sea to the Land Beyond, a cross-platform project produced by Sheffield Doc/Fest and Crossover Labs in 2012 for The Space, a digital arts service from the Arts Council England and the BBC.

10:45 - 11:30 - Oli Harbottle / Dogwoof / Audience Engagement and Theatrical Distributon

Oli will address how to engage audiences in 'niche' content and how independent filmmakers can achieve a decent theatrical run, with reference to the creative use of social networking and building communities.

11:30 - 11:45 - Refreshments break

11:45 - 12:45 - Sean Coleman / Red Kingdom / How to Plan a Cross-Platform Production

This session will offer practical advice focusing on the management of a cross-platform production, shedding light on how production timelines of television, games, animation and web development vary and how these have to be factored in to the production budget, crewing and scheduling of a cross-platform project.

12:45 - 13:45 - Working Lunch with networking round tables

13:45 - 14:30 - Sarah Mosses / Britdoc / Impact Distribution

Sarah will provide an introduction into 'Impact Distribution' looking at the ways to distribute films that will have both financial and social returns, with reference to relevant case studies.

14:30 - 15:15 - Kirsty Hunter / The Project Factory / How to Start a Revolution, Downton Abbey and The Great British Property Scandal

In this session Kirsty will offer case studies into some of the highly successful online campaigns, websites, apps and social media campaigns delivered by The Project Factory in the last few years.

15:15 - 16:15 - Peter Gerard / Distrify / Online Distribution Guide

Peter will share his expert knowledge on distributing your film online, offering insight on how Distrify's impressive range of digital tools can enable you to turn the entire internet into a movie marketplace.

16:15 - 16:30 - Refreshments break

16:30 - 17:15 - Katharine Round / DocHeads / How to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

Katharine will speak about devising a pre-campaign strategy, ahead of going "live" with your campaign, that will maximise your chance of success.

17:15 - 18:00 - Conclusions and networking

There are a limited number of places available for non-Devise to Deliver participants. Attendance costs £25+VAT. To reserve a place please email Chris Black.

The Devise to Deliver Masterclass Day is delivered in partnership with Northern Film + Media, the creative industry development agency that supports film, TV, digital media and music projects in the North East England and across the UK.

Stage 4 / February - March 2013 / Further Mentoring

Individual mentoring continues with a further 6 hours per person, equipping trainees with the tools and confidence to form their own strategies and contact the necessary collaborators and investors themselves, and make their own way in the world. The mentoring will be accompanied where needed with meetings being set with industry professionals who can also assist, and will include the devising of a list of experts to meet in the Crossover Market in Sheffield.

Stage 5 / 18th April 2013 / Market Preparation Day / London

All 25 participants then come together at the end of April for a market-preparation day which will include group pitch training and detailed individual needs assessment to help the D2D team devise a personalised strategy for presenting projects to those experts trainees will meet with in the Crossover Market and other market and networking opportunities in Sheffield. This day will also equip participants in understanding every aspect of their project (users, platforms, impact, money, and more). This day will be followed by further mentoring preparing trainees for the Crossover Market.

Stage 6 / Tuesday 11th June 2013 / The Crossover Market @ Sheffield Doc/Fest

The course culminates at the Crossover Market at Sheffield Doc/Fest in June 2013 where the 25 selected participants will have the opportunity to pitch projects in matchmade meetings in a specially-devised parallel version of the MeetMarket pitching opportunity. These meetings will be with any of the following: Film Funds, Brands, Digital Agencies, 3rd Sector Representatives, PMDs, Mentors and Advisors, Online Distributors, Foundations, Grant-giving Entities, Philanthropsists, non-film arts organisations. Each participant will have between 8-10 meetings, all personally matchmade.


This scheme is funded by the Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund as part of A Bigger Future 2, the UK film skills strategy. The Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund is supported by the National Lottery through the BFI and the film industry through the Skills Investment Fund.

The Devise to Deliver Masterclass Day is delivered in partnership with Northern Film + Media, the creative industry development agency that supports film, TV, digital media and music projects in the North East England and across the UK.