Saturday May 10th 5pm-10pm

Within the impressive National Trust grounds of Nunnington Hall. This spectacular manor house, situated on the banks of the river Rye, will provide the backdrop to this cinematic experience.A rare opportunity to enjoy Yorkshire films with family and friends alike will prove to be something not to be missed.


Standing Start

  • Rated: U
  • Director : Adrrian McDowall & Finlay Pretsell
  • Country : UK
  • Duration : 12Mins
  • Year : 2007

Staring down the speed track like a gladiator, world champion cyclist Craig MacLean prepares for the world cup race. The adrenalin and excitement in the lead up are as tense as the race itself. Blasting from a standing start to speeds of over 40 mph, the fear, determination and exhilaration are palpable in every frame of one of the most accomplished short docs of the year.


  • Rated: U
  • Director : Daisy Asquith
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Duration : 60Mins
  • Year : 2014

Velorama, is a specially-commissioned new feature-length documentary directed by award-winning filmmaker Daisy Asquith. Created using over 100 different titles from the BFI National Archive (including footage from Mitchell & Kenyon, Topical Budget, COI and British Council), and footage from the amateur and home movie collections housed at the Yorkshire Film Archive, it shows a Century of the Bicycle on film, from the invention of the modern bike to the gruelling pursuit of Le Tour, all set to dreamy electronic music by Bill Nelson and the legendary Yorkshire tones of Chumbawumba. Velorama will take you on an unmissable two-wheeled journey.

From Trike to Bike

  • Rated: U
  • Director : Andy Burns
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Duration : 4Mins
  • Year : 2014

From Trike to Bike unearths a wealth of film footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive, capturing the joys of our personal cycling journeys. From our very first tricyle to the nervous wobbles of the two wheeler, cycling proficiency tests, local road races and competitions, and Yorkshire’s own champion rider, Beryl Burton, the team at YFA have been delving into their archive collections to create a moving montage of cycling memories. You’ll also catch glimpses of familiar Yorkshire landmarks - the towns, cities, villages and landscapes that mark out the Yorkshire route of Le Tour.

A Sunday in Hell

  • Rated: PG
  • Director : Jørgen Leth
  • Country : Denmark
  • Duration : 111Mins
  • Year : 1976

Jørgen Leth, the poet-filmmaker, conceived and directed this documentary record of seven hours of one Sunday, April 11 1976, when the gruelling annual Paris-Roubaix bicycle race took place over ancient cobblestone roads and through dust and mud. Leth sees bike racing as perfect theater with strong egos battling the worst of odds. The filmmaker had ten camera crews along for the hellish ride.

The Big Melt

  • Rated: PG
  • Director : Martin Wallace & Jarvis Cocker
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Duration : 71Mins
  • Year : 2013

A special commission as part of the 100 Years of Stainless Steel celebrations, The Big Melt is a feature length elegy to the men and women who toiled in Sheffield’s steelworks and a hymn to Britain’s proud industrial past. Working with Sheffield’s own musical hero Jarvis Cocker, acclaimed director Martin Wallace has woven an exquisite tapestry of steel industry-related archival footage drawn from the BFI National Archive. Jarvis also provides the film’s stirring musical accompaniment, collaborating with a raft of Sheffield’s finest musicians, including a string quartet, a brass band, members of PULP, Richard Hawley, The Forgemasters and a youth choir


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