If you are new to the Marketplace, or looking for some information on how best to approach the Decision Makers most relevant to your project, this is the best place to get the inside track. 

The Marketplace team at Doc/Fest welcomes all delegates to approach our dedicated table by the Marketplace Cafe in Cutlers' Hall, the new Marketplace venue. The Market Switchboard offers on-demand advice to filmmakers looking to meet some of the 300 Decision Makers invited to the Marketplace. Here one can get advice on who might be useful to meet in the Marketplace in Sheffield, and how best to approach those people to get funding, advice or mentoring.

Our Market Switchboard mentors help filmmakers and other delegates navigate the Doc/Fest Marketplace: identifying key Decision Makers, discussing filmmaker projects, and helping refine strategies for getting the most out of one's networking, business and creative opportunities.


Meet Our 2016 Mentors

Jean-Jacques Peretti

Jean-Jacques Peretti currently works as a Consultant for Sunny Side of the Doc, advising on editorial direction for Sunny Lab transmedia label, looking for original and innovative transmedia projects and experts abroad.

Jean-Jacques Peretti works on the international development of 2nd Vague Productions, alongside producer Paul Saadoun. He has been collaborating with several factual content market worldwide including GZDOC, Cross Video Days and previously assumed the role of International Development Officer for Sunny Side of the Doc between 2002 and 2011.


Annabel Grundy

A seasoned film festival producer, programmer, production manager in both Australia and the UK, Annabel is currently working with Creative Skillset to deliver industry engagement programmes across the UK creative economy.

Previously, Annabel worked as Film Adviser at the British Council promoting and showcasing UK film and filmmakers across the globe, as well as curating industry programmes and servcies at both London and Edinburgh International Film Festivals.


Market Switchboard Surgeries

In addition to our mentors (above), the 2016 Market Switchboard also provided 90-minute surgeries, where a number of professionals were present at the desk, giving specified advice on their particular area of responsibility and expertise. The following Switchboard slots were as follows:


Switchboard Surgery: Legal and Business Affairs

Virginia Burgess is a lawyer in the Business Affairs Department supporting the BFI’s Film Fund. If the Film Fund were to select your film for documentary film funding, Virginia would help you to find any remaining finance for your documentary, review and advise on finance plans, financing terms, recoupment schedules, distribution and sales terms and would either draft or review and comment on all of the documents required to be put in place so that a BFI-supported documentary may be funded, produced and exploited.  

Switchboard Surgery: Virtual Reality and Interactive

During this Switchboard Surgery, Elie Levasseur from Cross Video Days will be present at the advice desk, taking meetings with delegates. Elie Levasseur is Head of Cross Video Days Content Market, a leading financing place for digital-first content and a landmark event for Interactive, multiplatform and VR industry professionals. Every year, he organises around 500 one-to-one business meetings between digital producers and decision makers among the most emblematic broadcasters, VOD platforms, MCNs or Funding bodies. Elie also previously served as International Relations & General Coordinator Assistant for Sunny Side of The Doc and moved digital with eYeka, a global co-creation community that enables leading brands to engage online communities and drive crowdsourced innovation by tapping into creative power of user-generated content. With a global vision on co-producing and financing opportunities at international stage, and track record in online community activation, he will be happy to provide you with business development and audience engagement tips.

Switchboard Surgery: Distribution and Marketing

Jon Reiss is an author and media strategist who helps filmmakers and companies navigate the new distribution and marketing landscape.  He has worked with and consulted for Paramount Pictures, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland, The South Australian Film Corporation and numerous film schools and festivals to devise ways to educate and help independent filmmakers in the new economic landscape.  He has conducted his TOTBO Master Classes over five continents and is the year-round distribution and marketing lab leader at the IFP Filmmaker Labs. Named one of “10 Digital Directors to Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is also critically acclaimed filmmaker whose experience releasing his feature 'Bomb It' with a hybrid strategy was the inspiration for writing 'Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution and Marketing in the Digital Era' (TOTBO), the first step-by-step guide for filmmakers to distribute and market their films. He also co-wrote 'Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul' and 'Selling Your Film Outside the US'. He also teaches at the Film Directing Program at Cal Arts.

Switchboard Surgery: ARRI

How good do you want your hard-fought documentary to look? As good as the prime-time drama that airs just before your programme, or the Hollywood movie after it? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter what documentaries look like? Is 4K UHD something you have been asked to deliver? With HDR? If these are relevant questions to you, or if you’re frustrated with the web being your only source of information for concerns about your next shoot, you should come to see us. The ARRI team of experts will be happy to advise, guide and demonstrate how simple it is, with the right tools, to achieve outstanding, truly cinematic results. Sheffield Doc/Fest and ARRI are sponsoring the second AMIRA Challenge during this year’s festival. Come along to find out more about this and other similar initiatives, and to learn how the great-looking documentary programmes and features being celebrated were shot.

Switchboard Surgery: The Guardian

Charlie Phillips is the Head of Documentaries at The Guardian, commissioning and acquiring new short documentaries from all around the world. The Guardian is one of the world's most read English Language news and storytelling sources, with 140m monthly unique browser visits. Charlie was previously Deputy Director at Sheffield Doc/Fest for 7 years before joining The Guardian in 2014, and prior to that he was Editor of FourDocs for Channel 4.

Switchboard Surgery: The BFI Certification Unit

During this Switchboard Surgery, Chantel Burrell and Margherita Modeo from the BFI Certification will be be present at the advise desk. The BFI Certification Unit is the first point of contact for applicants wanting to qualify their film (including shorts) as British in order to access the UK’s creative sector tax reliefs. BFI certification analyst’s Chantel Burrell and Margherita Modeo are on hand to talk to you about the process for certifying your film as British and accessing tax relief to help finance your documentaries or other film projects.