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DDD60 – High Quality VR for Film & TV Industry Professionals

Announcing an EU Horizon 2020 project on virtual reality

A consortium of European film and technology organisations – reelport, Spin Digital, Sunny Side of the Doc, the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, Tampere Film Festival, and Sheffield Doc/Fest - have come together to collaborate on a joint venture designed to significantly enhance the end-users’ virtual reality online experience. 

Virtual reality technology is being used increasingly and innovatively by filmmakers, artists and journalists to tell their stories in new and exciting ways. However one major obstacle for the distribution of VR content remains – current technology means that the files are too huge for the capacity of the viewing gear, resulting in distributors reducing the size of the files which therefore greatly reduces the quality of the content they show online – if they can show it at all.

With the support of the European Commission H2020 programme, the new project – DDD60 – starting in January 2017, seeks to improve the compression technology and transcoding mechanisms in order to make the distribution of VR more accessible, less costly, and deliver a higher quality viewing experience. The goals of the project are to help the online screening of VR content develop into a more viable business – ultimately increasing audiences for great VR projects.

The technological development work of DDD60 will be carried out by Spin Digital, who develop high-performance video codecs for the next generation of high-quality video applications, and reelport, an online film submissions and screenings platform for filmmakers, film festivals and film markets, both Berlin-based.

DDD60 will run until 2018, during and after which the project’s findings will be made available to film and TV industry professionals at DDD60 partner events, who between them represent four of the leading film festivals and markets in the world: Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle and the Marché du Film in Cannes, France; Tampere Film Festival in Tampere, Finland; and Sheffield Doc/Fest in Sheffield, UK.