Fossil hunting in the gobi

FRI 9 JUN / 12:00 - 20:00 / UPPER CHAPEL
SAT 10 JUN - WED 14 JUN / 10:00 - 20:00 / UPPER CHAPEL

This year we bring virtual reality on to the streets of Sheffield in two new pop-up venues, Virtual Reality Portal on Tudor Square and Virtual Reality Campfire at Upper Chapel.

VR Campfire, visitors is an intimate storytelling space that is home to thought provoking stories from all over the world. This is a place of discovery, adventure and revelation off the beaten track.

With makers from Brazil, India, America and Africa, we showcase international stories that tie in to the Doc/Love, Doc/Rhythm and Doc/Expose strands that link the Film and Alternate Realities programme.

Come along to go fossil hunting in the Gobi desert, learn about the incredible journey from slum to stage for two young indian ballet dancers, or take a magical trip to an arts festival in Ghana and delight in the sights and sounds of its explosive creativity. See Fossil Hunting in the Gobi, Yeh Ballet and Spirit Robot.

The following projects will be featured in the Virtual Reality Campfire section of the Alternate Realities Exhibition:

Fossil Hunting in the Gobi
Mamie's Dream
Spirit Robot
Step to the Line
Yeh Ballet

Entry for Campfire at Upper Chapel is free but on-the-day booking will be required. Please visit the venue from 12pm on 9th June for more details.