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Marketplace & Talent at Sheffield Doc/Fest, the world-leading hub for international business and training, led by Patrick Hurley and executive produced by Karolina Lidin, announced the 63 documentary film project teams selected to pitch at the flagship MeetMarket, selected from over 500 submissions; the fifth Alternate Realities Market included 25 project teams.

Projects were considered for inclusion into MeetMarket 2017 by five external industry leaders: Margje de Koning (Head of RTV & New Media, Evangelische Omroep), Salma Abdalla (CEO & Theatrical Sales, Autlook Films), Danny Horan (Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, BBC), Ryan Harrington (Director, Docs & Specials, Discovery) and Rebecca Lichtenfeld (Director of Social Impact Media, Bertha Foundation).

The Markets took place over two of the festival days in Sheffield on 12 and 13 June at the Grade II listed Cutlers’ Hall.


MeetMarket Projects 2017


1001 Days / United Kingdom / Whalebone Films / Director: Chloe White; Producers: Hannah Price, Rose Palmer; Exec Producer: Katharine Round

A Family on the Run / Denmark / Danish Documentary Production / Director: Eva Mulvad; Producers: Iikka Vehkalahti, Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, PGA

A Story of Cops and Robbers / United Kingdom / Vernon Films / Director: Ilinca Calugareanu; Producers: John Battsek, Mara Adina

About a Mountain / United States / Ugly Mountain, LLC / Director: Lily Henderson; Producer: Joey Carey

After A Revolution / United Kingdom / Met Film Production / Director: Giovanni Buccomino; Producers: Al Morrow, Naziha Arebi

At War With Nestlé / Denmark / Made In Copenhagen ApS / Director: Miki Mistrati; Producer: Helle Faber

Behind the Blood / United Kingdom / Fine Point Films / Director: Loretta van der Horst; Producer: Trevor Birney

Born In China / United States / Little Horse Crossing the River Inc. / Directors: Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang; Producer: Christoph Jörg

Castro's Spies / Ireland / True Films / Director: Ollie Aslin; Producer: Ross Whitaker

Cuban Dancer / United States / Micro-Documentaries / Director: Roberto Salinas; Producer: Natasha Deganello Giraudie

Dawn of the Dark Fox / United Kingdom / 104 Films / Directors: Michael Smith, Tom Stubbs; Producer: Alex Usborne

Eleven: Brexit's Children / United Kingdom / Mercurial Pictures Ltd / Directors: Jaime Taylor, Ed Owles; Producer: Jon McIntosh; Executive Producer: Elhum Shakerifar; Editor: Matt Scholes

Escape from San Quentin / United Kingdom / Erica Starling Productions / Director: Daniel Vernon; Producers: Vivienne Perry, Rachel Hooper

Everybody Loves Madeline / Sweden / B-Reel Films / Director: Jane Magnusson; Producer: Cecilia Nessen

Everything Must Fall / South Africa / Uhuru Productions / Director: Rehad Desai; Producer: Anita Khanna

Flickering Lights / India / Metamorphosis Film Junction / Director: Anupama Srinivasan; Producer: Anirban Dutta

Gabi / Sweden / Engeli Film / Director: Engeli Broberg; Producers: Jacob Eklund, Anna J Ljungmark

Gentle Warriors / Lithuania / Moonmakers / Director: Marija Stonyte; Producer: Giedre Zickyte

Ghost In Radar / United Kingdom / Soda Pictures; Maneki Films; Homemade Films / Director: Noaz Deshe; Producers: Maria Drandaki, Didar Domehri, Eve Gabereau

Hands of God / United Kingdom / Robusto Films / Director: Riccardo Romani; Producers: Art Horan, Jon Cody, Robusto Films; Executive Producers: Alfonso Cuarón, Gabriela Rodriguez; Associate Producer: Alice Scandellari Burr

Impeachment / Brazil / Busca Vida Filmes / Director: Petra Costa; Producer: Tiago Pavan; Co-Producers: Sara Dosa,  Shane Boris

Invisible Woman 2.0 / United Kingdom / dvrseworld / Director: Dionne Walker; Producer: George Amponsah; Co-Writer: Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

Keepers of the Flame (working title) / Ireland / South Wind Blows Ltd / Director: Nuala O'Connor; Producer: Tina Moran; DOP: Colm Hogan

Last Male Standing / The Netherlands / Een van de jongens / Director: Floor van der Meulen; Producer: Renko Douze

Love vs the USA / Finland / Grape Productions Ltd / Directors: Raimo Uunila, Lauri Danska; Producer: Raimo Uunila

Mercedes Principle / Denmark / Danish Documentary Production / Director: Alina Rudnitskaya; Producer: Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, PGA; Co-Producer: Heino Deckert

Metamorphosis / China / Century Image Media  / Director: Jia Yuchuan; Producer: Kiki Tianqi Yu

My Life In Germany Before And After Hitler / France / Roche Productions / Director: Jérôme Prieur; Producer: Dominique Tibi

One Bullet Afghanistan / Denmark / House of Real / Director: Carol Dysinger; Producers: Su Kim, Jesper Jack

Orson Welles: A Portrait of the Artist / United Kingdom / Bofa Productions / Director: Mark Cousins; Producers: Adam Dawtrey, Mary Bell; Executive Producer: Michael Moore

Out In The Cold / United Kingdom / Erica Starling Productions / Director: Alison Millar; Producer: Rachel Hooper; Executive Producer: Sam Collyns

Pino / United Kingdom / Roast Beef Productions / Director: Davide Gambino, Ruggero Dimaggio; Producer: Mike Lerner

Provincial Town of E / Russia / Ethnofund / Director: Dmitry Bogolubov; Producer: Vlad Ketkovich

Radio Congo / France / Dryades Films / Director: Philippe Ayme; Producer: Claire Babany,  Eleonore Boissinot; Co-Producer: Dada Kahindo

Rams / United States / Film First / Director & Producer: Gary Hustwit; DOP: Luke Geissbühler; Editor: Kristin Bye

Running For The Revolution / United Kingdom / VeryMuchSo Productions / Director: Mark Craig; Producers: Mark Craig, Dan Gordon; Co-Producer: Julie Goldman

Shooting the Mafia: Letizia Battaglia / Ireland / Lunar Pictures / Director: Kim Longinotto; Producer: Niamh Fagan

Sierra Leone: When The Devil Danced / United Kingdom / Insight The World Investigates / Director: Clive Patterson; Producers: Sorious Samura, Nick Fraser; Executive Producer: Ron McCullagh

Television Event / Australia / Common Room Productions / Director: Jeff Daniels; with support from Impact Partners

The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks / United States / Biophilia Films / Director: Dempsey Rice; Producer: Lori Cheatle; Co-Producer: Joanne Nerenberg; Executive Producer: Kate Edgar

The Defenders / United Kingdom / medialab / Director: Ben Lewis; Producers: Gillian Mosely, Christopher Herd, Creative & Online Partner: Adam Gee

The Fairest of Them All / Taiwan / CNEX Studio / Director: Sascha Schoeberl; Producer: Ruby Chen, Antje Boehmert

The Fall of Aleppo / Norway / Fenris Film / Director: Nizam Najar; Producers: Henrik Underbjerg, Tore Buvarp; Co-Producer: Christian Popp

The Keys of Pluto: The History of a Dangerous Idea / United Kingdom / Jackamo Productions / Director: Paul Thomas; Producer: Steve Cole

The Letter / Kenya / Circle & Square Productions / Directors-Producers: Chris King, Maia Von Lekow; Executive Producers: Cynthia Kane, Iikka Vehkalahti

The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid / Ireland / FSE Films / Director: Feargal Ward; Producer: Luke McManus

The Poetry of Cowboys / United Kingdom & United States / Intrepid Cinema / Director: Mike Day; Producer: Charlotte Cook

The Rashomon Effect / United States / Multitude Films, LLC / Director: Lyric R. Cabral; Producer: Jessica Devaney

The Right Wrong Man / Israel / OneManShow / Director: Yossi Bloch; Producer: Daniel Sivan; Scriptwriter & Content Director: Adi Arbel

The Soprano State / United Kingdom / MAKE Waves / Director: Liz Mermin; Producers: Sian Kevill, Hans Robert Eisenhauer

The Unrecognized / Israel / Bolt Productions / Director: Anna Oliker; Producer: Anna Oliker; DOP: Meni Elias

The Wall of Shadows / United Kingdom / Braidmade Films / Director: Eliza Kubarska; Producer: Monika Braid

The Watchmen / France / Little Big Story / Director: Madeleine Deroyer; Producer: Valerie Montmartin

Turkey On The Edge / Germany / Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion / Director: Imre Azem; Producer: Christian Beetz

UN: The End of the beginning / Denmark / Danish Documentary / Directors: Lea Glob, Andreas Koefoed; Producers: Sidsel Lønvig Siersted; Kirstine Barfod

Underwood / Australia / 3:57 Film; FLOOD PROJECTS / Director & Producer: Amiel Courtin-Wilson; Cinematographer: Germain McMicking; Sound Designer: Robert Mackenzie

Untitled Jennifer Laude Documentary / United States / Aynaku Media / Director: PJ Raval; Producers: Marty Syjuco, Lisa Valencia-Svensson

Vasilis / Germany / Tondowski Films / Director: Bingol Elmas; Producer: Ender Yeilda; Co-Producers: Iris Pakulla, Alex Tondowski

Venice Ultimate Defense / Italy / DocLab / Director & Producer: Marco Visalberghi

Voices of the Sea: A Cuban Odyssey / United Kingdom / Labor of Love Films Ltd. / Director: Kim Hopkins; Producers: Margareta Szabo, Capella Fahoome; Co-Producer: ITVS; Editor: Leah Marino

Writing With Fire / India / Black Ticket Films / Director: Sushmit Ghosh, Producer: Rintu Thomas

Yasir, Nadia and Abunori (working title) / Sweden / Story AB / Director: David Aronowitsch; Co-Director: Ahmed Abdullahi; Producer: Tobias Janson


Alternate Realities Market Projects 2017


//RIDE VR (Working Title) / United Kingdom / Director: Abigail Conway; Producer: Sally Rose

2+2 / UK/USA / Persistent Illusion Limited / Director: Michael Nakan; Producer: Sam Roe

BABEL'S WILD / United States / iNK Stories / Director: Vassiliki Khonsari, Andres Perez-Duarte; Producer: Navid Khonsari

Bloody Sunday VR / Lithuania / Gluk Media / Director: Andrius Lekavicius; Producer: Bartosh Polonski

Can't Stop Won't Stop / Australia / StudioBento / Director & Producer: Lester Francois

Common Ground / Germany/UK / Honig Studios / Director: Jessica Bishopp; Producer: Jessica Bishopp, Jiannis Sotiropoulos; Creative Technologist/Lead Developer: Itamar Givon

Delhi Bus Project / United Kingdom / Macondo Films / Director: Mary Matheson; Producer: Marisol Grandon; Co-Producers: Simon Davis, Sarah Jones

DRONE / UK/Canada / National Theatre / Director: Jo Tyabji; Producer: Toby Coffey, David Oppenheim

eMissions (Working Title) / Netherlands / Submarine Channel / Director: Ezra Claytan Daniels; Producer: Remco Vlaanderen

Empire Soldiers VR / United Kingdom / METRO-BOULOT-DODO Ltd / Director: Paul Long; Producer: METRO-BOULOT-DODO Limited

FLATLINE / USA/UK / Portal Experiences / Director: Jon Schnitzer; Producer: Julian McCrea; Co-Producer: 3DLive

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water / Russia/USA / MediaCombo / Director: Michael Owen, Georgy Molodstov; Producer: Michael Owen

Made - Meet me at the end of the production line / Hong Kong / Singing Cicadas / Director: Sharon Yeung; Producer: Han Yan Yuen

Moments / Australia / Collective Reality / Director & Producer: J'aimee Skippon-Volke; Co-Producer: J. Lee Williams; VR Animator: Matthew Hermans; Concept Artist: Luke Bubb; VR Creator: Osvaldo Alfaro

Municipal Dreams / United Kingdom / VR CITY / Director: Darren Emerson; Producer: Ashley Cowan

POPPY - Interactive Documentary / Netherlands / Submarine Channel / Director, Antoinette de Jong, Robert Knoth; Producer: Bruno Felix, Corine Meijers

SILENT DAWN / United Kingdom / Bramble Media / Director & Producer: Mitch Turnbull

Sundowning / United Kingdom / Director: Amelia Shivani Hassard; Producer: Ant Adeane, Vanessa Pope

The Real Thing VR / France / Artline Films / Director: Benoit Felici; Producer: Benjamin Landsberger; Co-Producer: ARTE France, DVMobile

Treehugger, chapter 2: Mycelium (working title) / United Kingdom / Marshmallow Laser Feast / Executive Producer: Nell Whitley

UKU360° / Australia / Natureel / Director: Cassie De Colling; Producer: Anton Andreacchio

Vestige / United Kingdom / NSC Creative / Director: Aarron Bradbruy; Producer: Paul Mowbray; Executive Producer: René Pinnell

Vitals / United States / iNK Stories / Director: Navid Khonsari, Vassiliki Khonsari; Producer: Andres Perez-Duarte

War Child / United Kingdom / Picture This Productions / Director: Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg; Producer: Samantha Storr

Wild Souls / United Kingdom / Surround Vision / Director: Lewis Ball; Producer: Erfan Saadati; Executive Producer: Richard Nockles