Our Head of Marketplace & Talent, Patrick Hurley, is very excited that The Work, winner of the Audience Award at Doc/Fest 2017, is releasing in UK cinemas via Dogwoof with the US release to follow via The Orchard.

Every couple of years a documentary comes along so potent and powerful that it elicits a full-body physical experience. When I first watched The Work, initially I was frozen, unable to move while the end-credits rolled, arrested by the gravity of what I’d just witnessed. As the film sunk in, I stood up and (despite being alone in a hotel room) gave a private standing ovation to the screen before basically bouncing off the walls, completely buzzed. Documentary nirvana. 

“This is it!”, I said aloud to nobody, “This is just the best!” As is the case with many truly great documentaries, this film is born out of an immense amount of trust and intimacy between the filmmakers and their subjects. And time. Lots of time. Just capturing that kind of material is rare in and of itself. The incredible footage in The Work also happens to be masterfully assembled, producing a cinematic experience that words struggle to convey.


(L-R: Eon McCleary, Jairus McCleary and Miles McCleary accept the Doc Audience Award supported by Curzon Home Cinema for The Work at Sheffield Doc/Fest)

I found it deeply affirming, and by no means surprising, that The Work took the Audience Award at Doc/Fest in June. It was a joy to witness documentary lovers commune for its UK Premiere and collectively celebrate its achievement. A friend of mine summed up her reaction to the film in a brief email shortly after seeing it: “Subject: The work! / Body: Like a religious experience!” 

We are fortunate to live in a time when documentaries like The Work can connect with audiences on big screens. Dogwoof releases The Work in the UK and Ireland this week. If you’re able to make it to The Ritzy in Brixton on 7 September 2017, Director Jairus McLeary will present the film followed by a Q&A including special guests. From Friday it’ll play in London, Brighton, Manchester and Dublin and is subsequently coming to cinemas in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle and more towns listed here. Across the pond The Work opens in New York on October 20 and Los Angeles on October 27, with a national rollout to follow via The Orchard / First Look Media. 

And if the Doc/Fest endorsement ain’t enough, one audience member at a preview screening in London on Monday night said “Best film I’ve seen since The Matrix”.

Click here to view the trailer.

Click here to watch the post screening Q&A from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017.

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