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We are very proud and pleased to present the last leg of our Realidades Alternativas tour through Latin America, happening this 10 – 19 November in Beunos Aires, Argentina at Noviembre Electrónico.

Alongside British Council, we will exhibit a curated programme of virtual reality experiences and interactive documentaries and a series of workshops. 

Nine interactive and immersive documentary projects from Doc/Fest 2017 have been selected for exhibition at DocMontevideo, Uruguay, DOCSP, Brazil, and Noviembre Electrónico, Argentina. The British Council-supported tour is central to Doc/Fest’s strategy of connecting audiences from across the globe to showcase factual storytelling through new technologies. A number of the projects will be translated into Spanish, especially for the tour.

We are delighted to also announce the following workshops at Noviembre Electronico. To book a place, click here.

Grace Boyle: Multisensory storytelling in VR

Sunday 12 November // 19:00 – 20:00 

We humans are sensory beings, constantly taking in information through all of our senses to form our perception of the world around us.  So why do we tell stories only to our audiences' eyes and ears? Grace Boyle, Creative Director of The Feelies and Co-director of Munduruku (Doc/Fest 2017, Realidades Alternativas 2017) will talk about The Feelies, the first multisensory VR production house, and their work to develop emotional, sensory languages of feelings and experience by telling stories to all of your senses. This year The Feelies released Munduruku, an award-winning project with Greenpeace and AlchemyVR telling the story of the Indigenous People of the Brazilian Amazon and their struggle to demarcate their land and protect the jungle from deforestation. In this talk Grace presents their process of writing, shooting and performing in a multisensory medium, bringing together scent, heat, wind, humidity and sensory science to tell the story of the Munduruku, as well as designing travelling multisensory VR pods. Launching with a month-long exhibition in São Paulo in June 2017 in which 2,000 people went through the experience, Munduruku has so far won the Alternate Realities Audience Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017, the award for Best Social Impact VR at Raindance Festival in London, and the People's Choice Award at Future of Storytelling Festival in New York. Noviembre Electrónico will mark the Argentinian Premiere for the project, with a pod open to the public throughout.

Bertie Millis: Making the most of immersive technology - Making money and offering the best experience

Sunday 12 November // 20:00 – 21:00

Virtual Reality Consultant Bertie Millis (Managing Director of Virtual Umbrella) discusses how filmmakers, creatives and companies can leverage the commercial potential of immersion technology. He will provide examples of successful and profitable projects with which he has worked and teache best practices on how to show work in a business environment.

Owain Rich: Producing computer generated VR on a limited budget  

Sunday 12 November // 21:00 – 22:00

Trafficked (Doc/Fest 2017, Realidades Alternativas 2017) is a computer generated virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Google Cardboard. It was created by 3 people – including co-director/producer Owain Rich – on a limited budget within the newsroom environment of the BBC Word Service. Here, Owain will talk about how these filmmakers and journalists learned the tools required to create VR in-house, including the storytelling and the technical production process, from news gathering and scripting, to 3D modelling, motion capture, 3D audio and working with the Unreal game engine. This presentation will also cover the technical and creative challenges, what went right, what went wrong, with plenty of behind-the-scenes footage.

Virtual Reality Project Development Workshop 

Monday 13 November // 10:00 – 15:00 

Do you have an idea for a virtual reality project you are looking to develop? Grace Boyle (Creative Director of The Feelies, and co-director of VR project Munduruku), Owain Rich (Producer at NBC Left Field, and co-director of VR project Trafficked) and Bertie Millis (VR Consultant and Managing Director of Virtual Umbrella) will deliver a skills-based development lab designed to help creatives to develop their own VR projects. Sessions will cover how to transform your VR idea in to a reality, taking advantage of technological opportunities within the limitations of budgets and resources, building in multisensory elements, and how to commercialise your project once complete. No experience of producing VR projects is necessary, but an idea for a project is a must – and those at the start of their career or working independently are most welcome. The workshop will also include an exclusive tour of the Realidades Alternativas Exhibition from Sheffield Doc/Fest’s exhibition producer Joe Cutts.  

This workshop is produced by Sheffield Doc/Fest, with the support of British Council, as part of Noviembre Electrónico.