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Boiler Room are commissioning at least one original documentary celebrating stories from the front line of global underground music culture.

About Boiler Room

In 2010 Boiler Room started with a webcam taped to a wall, broadcasting from a warehouse in London –opening a keyhole to the city’s underground. DIY at its finest: raw, uncut, homemade.

As an independent music platform Boiler Room remains true to that history. Connecting club culture to the wider world though parties, film, video and archive, enabling anyone, regardless of where they live, to enjoy the freedomit stands for. Everything Boiler Room does is rooted in celebrating the energy of the dance floor and its ability to bring people together.

The Brief

Boiler Room is looking to commission fun, energetic, intriguing films built around provocative, attention-grabbing headlines.

Films can be 10-20 minutes in length, driven by subject matter.

Commissioned films must engage with the two big Boiler Room themes - dance music and hedonism - with a clear narrative hook that drives sharability and allows them to reach beyond a core audience of music fans.

Proposed films should be grounded in a clear actuality that can be documented without the need to over-rely on back-story, talking heads or archive to make the storytelling pop. Uninterested in round-ups or vague explorations, Boiler Room wants to lift the lid on stories from the margins which showcase dance music doing what it does best – providing a space for expression, release and collective experience.

The focus can be on an individual, scene or a one-off phenomenon. Themes can be challenging but in all cases must celebrate fun, partying and club culture built through solid access and compelling narrative hooks.

The Winning Film

The winning film will be platformed across Boiler Room’s channels, with screening events and a marketing campaign behind it to maximise reach.

Style & Aesthetic
There are no overly prescriptive rules, but the Boiler Room commissioners would like to challenge film-makers to disrupt the traditional documentary aesthetic – talking heads, narrated voice over, etc. – to make a film with imagery captured from actuality and a real energy, representative of the world Boiler Room inhabits and the cultures they champion.

Budget - £10,000

The B.E.A.T
Atlanta Dream$
Awful Days

Boiler Room is seeking to commission films that can be delivered in 3 months.
Therefore for any film commissioned in June, would ideally be delivered by September 2018.

How To Apply

The Boiler Room Pitch is now closed. Successful finalists will be notified Friday 18 May.

The Live Pitch at Sheffield Doc/Fest will take place Tuesday 12 June.

Click here for full Terms and Conditions

For any queries regarding The Boiler Room Pitch, please