Munduruku   the fight to defend the heart of the amazon

Virtual Reality Award
This award celebrates virtual reality documentary as a flourishing creative genre awarding the project that displays excellence in factual storytelling as well as technical ingenuity.

Myriam Archard 
More than 20 years’ experience in public relations. Since 2015, Myriam has been researching immersive and interactive works at the Phi Centre as part of the Virtual Reality exhibits. 

William Uricchio
Founder and principal investigator of the MIT Open Documentary Lab, professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT, and professor of Comparative Media History at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.   

Gabrielle Jenks
Director of Abandon Normal Devices and the UK’s only roaming festival of art, new cinema, digital culture. 

The projects in this award category are:

Authentically Us: We're Still Here
Berlin Paris Terror 
The Day the World Changed
Every King Tide 
Grenfell: Our Home
Hold the World with David Attenborough
Mind at War
Is Anna OK?
The Journey
Life After Hate: Meeting a Monster
Life in VR - California Coast
Manic VR
Porton Down
The Real Thing
Sanctuaries of Silence
This Is Climate Change: Feast & Famine
Yemen's Skies of Terror

The Virtual Reality Award 2018 was awarded to Face to Face (Festival Commission)


Interactive Award
This award honours the project that exhibits originality in its approach to form, storytelling and delivery. One of only a few such awards in the documentary world, Sheffield Doc/Fest is dedicated to recognising new forms of interactive storytelling. 

Ruthie Doyle 
Artist and filmmaker, and since 2013, a member of Sundance Institute’s New Frontier team, identifying, supporting and exhibiting artists innovating the art and form of story at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as year-round via Labs and residencies.  

Robin McNicholas
Co-founder and Creative Director of the award winning creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, Robin has directed a myriad of Virtual Reality experiences, large-scale installations and live performances.

Zahra Rasool
Editorial Lead for Contrast VR — Al Jazeera’s new immersive media studio where she focuses on the production of compelling 360-degree video, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content.

The projects in this award category are: 

Cosmic Top Secret
Homo Machina
The Loss Levels
Sensible Data / Mixed Emotions
Terminal 3
Where is Home?

The Interactive Award 2018 was awarded to The Voice of the Unicorn.


Alternate Realities Audience Award - Supported by Rewind 
Voted for by the Sheffield Doc/Fest exhibition audience, this award recognises the Alternate Realities work that receives the highest audience vote during the festival. 

The Alternate Realitis Audience Award 2018 was awarded to Grenfell: Our Home