Mind at war armoury

Join Alternate Realties for a day of thought-provoking talks, interactivity and illuminating presentations from the world’s leading digital storytellers. See, hear and experience the latest developments in immersive and interactive technology. Supported by Arts Council England. (10 - 17, Sunday 10 June, Netflix Crucible Studio) 

Stories Are Changing (10:00)
Speaker: William Uricchio
We had long understood stories as events that are re-told to us in a telling. Then along came the digital era, offering ways to stand that story form on its head. Go through the looking glass with William to discover another story revolution, this time, algorithmically enabled. These stories meld portrayals of the self with their portrayal of the world.

Better Known Truths - Considering Creative Practice (11:10)
Speakers: Charlotte MikkelborgJesse (Jesus) Ayala, Gabriela Arp, Ricarda Saleh
Moderator: Gaylene Gould
Stories of the present day that you need to see. Meet three exceptional makers whose work is featured in Better Known Truths, Alternate Realities’ 360º documentary showcase. A three part session containing enlightening presentations and a group discussion with the artists about the importance of portrayal and representation to their work.

Authenticity And Diversity In Storytelling (12:00)
Speaker: Zahra Rasool
We are often presented with stories told about the developing world, rather than stories told with the developing world. Because of this, stories are often skewed and singular in how they represent some of the most critical issues of our time - and the communities in focus. Zahra Rasool, the head of Al Jazeera’s Contrast VR, presents an impassioned keynote about the path to authentic storytelling through diversity and collaboration. 

Incredible Playable Show (13:30)
Performer: Alistair Aitcheson
Alternate Realities invite the audience to return and become cogs in a ridiculous machine. Interactive ringmaster, Alistair Aichenson brings the madcap hilarity of his live video game experience to the summit for 20 minutes of stupendous fun.

Artist Spotlight - Gabo Arora (14:10)
Speaker: Gabo Arora
Moderator: Katy Yudin
There are few makers who have had such a political and creative impact as Gabo Arora, former head of UNVR. Recognised as one of VR’s leading auteurs, he continues to create immersive documentary works that can be seen at all the major film festivals. This session features a presentation and interview with the artist about his canon of work.

The World Unknown To You - Considering Creative Practice (15:00)
Speakers:  Dan Hett , Michaela Holland , Sutu Campbell
Moderator: Sarah Ellis
Stories that are a testament to the power of the human spirit. Join three artists that have powerful and personal stories in The World Unknown to You, Alternate Realities’ showcase of immersive and interactive installations. A three part session of project insights and group discussion with the artists about their work.

Making a New Reality (15:55)
Speaker: Ruthie Doyle
What do we want the future to look like? Immersive media, artificial intelligence and other innovations promises to impact every aspect of our societies. The stakes are too high for limited inclusion in the design of the future of media. Ruth Doyle shares the highlights of a year-long research project on this topic as a commission of Ford Foundation’s JustFilms program.

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