Actual docfest master 18 final

This year, Sheffield Doc/Fest turns 25, and we are celebrating this milestone edition with new artwork especially created from our open call poster competition. The jury comprised renowned Yorkshire film poster designer Sam Ashby and Sheffield Print Club Founder Jane Elliot.  We are thrilled to announce the competition winner as Ben Taylor and the and runner-up as Ollie Godwin.

We are creating a special range of Posters, Postcards, Hoodies, Tees and Badges using Ben and Ollie's wonderful artwork, which will be available at all Doc/Info Points at the Festival, and available online thereafter.


Winner: Ben Taylor

Ben says: "What I wanted to do with my design was to celebrate documentary through the subject, objects and moments from the last 25 years. I wanted to create something that was fun, vibrant and shows the passion that people have for documentary film.

Sheffield Doc/Fest is a fantastic festival that champions films from diverse backgrounds and celebrates the wealth of experiences that the documentary community puts to film and that’s something that I was also keen to draw a focus to in the films included in the collage.

There are references to 59 films in the design and hopefully people enjoy trying to work where they’re all from. There’s no particularly obscure films in there but there’s certainly some obscure references! If anyone thinks they’ve got all 59 do let me know."

Ben's work is featured above and will be available as a Poster, Hoodie, Tees, and Badges.


Runner Up: Ollie Godwin

Ollie says: "I grew up in an isolationist, patriarchal end-times cult and throughout my childhood I found my exposure to cinema, music, art and literature heavily censored and controlled. Indeed any kind of objective inquiry or unbiased debate was essentially prohibited and therefore much of my cultural education was limited toapproved religious texts and battered old art magazines my unbelieving grandmother would occasionally give me. Eventually, at the age of 23, I left the cult and began to immerse myself in the very culture I had been taught to fear and suspect, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through art and film, along the way discovering the visceral, free-form art works of Agnes Varda and the candid, intimate portraits of Lauren Greenfield and my love affair with the unique and varied perspectives found in documentaries was born. Experimenting with any camera I could find, I began making films. I used cumbersome mobile phonecameras, DSLR's and eventually my beloved Bolex H16 to explore my newly uncensored voice, the accessibility of these technologies proving essential in my development as both an artist and as a freely thinking human.

Many years later, my experiments have developed into an artistic practise that primarily explores the intersection between narratives of hegemonic masculinity, patriarchal indoctrination and eschatologythrough drawings, paintings, text and songs, and so with these paintings I tried to look at both the influence of documentaries and artists working in this field on my development as an artist, but also to incorporate a study of the influence of innovations in camera technology on the culture of diversity and equality championed in documentary cinema and by festivals like Sheffield Doc/Fest."


Ollie's design will be available as posters and postcards.

Further merchandise will also be available at the Festival.

Please visit our Doc/Info Points to see our full range of merch and stock up on your Doc/Shop needs, and see below for a sneak peak preview.