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Sheffield Doc/Fest is delighted to share with you our new 3D scan of the Alternate Realites exhibition, The World Unknown to You

With the support of V21 Artspace, we are investigating new innovative ways of archiving content and data sharing, ensuring that exhbiitions enable a wider accessibility when engaging its audiences. 

Navigate your way through the space and explore our exhibition of 17 installations. Move past an atomic bomb and into a provocative enquiry into language and disability, art and alienation and engage with a large scale projection about possessions that are a lifeline imbued with the spirit of ancestry, family, home, and belonging, as it forms the backdrop to the space. 

V21 Artspace use laser scanning technology to capture real time arts and culture exhibitions to present in interactive 3D virtual reality for archiving, accessibility and audience development. This immersive experience allows you to explore the space as if you are there.  Available to view on mobile, web and in VR.