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Presented by MUTEK.MX & Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK) - In Collaboration with the British Council

For creatives working with Virtual Reality (VR) and new media, Sheffield Doc/Fest in partnership with the British Council and MUTEK.MX, as part of its Digi Lab program, will deliver a 1-day seminar and 2-day workshop focused on artistic and creative use of VR, marketplace and funding opportunities and insight into the role that film festivals and exhibitions have within the immersive economy. Leading producers and curators in the world of VR will discuss funding, exhibition and the artistic/creative process for new immersive works.



SEMINAR - Tuesday 20 November

The seminar will take place from 3 to 8pm on Tuesday 20 November, and will include sessions on:

  • immersive opportunities with the Alternate Realities programme at Sheffield Doc/Fest and the ‘art of showing’
  • the current state of the market, funding opportunities and what to consider when pitching for money/partnerships
  • creative practise and process from two leading artists
  • new VR work (showcase) from local projects

The seminar is free to attend and open to anyone with an interest in the creative use of VR and new emerging technologies that relate to the creation of immersive experiences. Due to the limited number of seats available, registration is secured on a first come first serve basis. To participate in the seminar, you must: 

  • be able to speak/understand English

To reserve a place at the 1-day seminar, please register here

Registration deadline: Friday 19-October, 17:00 (CDT)


WORKSHOP -Wednesday 21 + Thursday 22 November

Over two days, fifteen selected participants will be taught about the creation of VR experiences that use original testimony. Participants will use the technology Unity to create a short experience piece viewable on an Oculus Rift.

For the workshop, participants must supply:

  • an original audio testimony (5 mins)
  • a plan for an interactive space/experience
  • digital visual materials (photographs / drawings / digital illustrations)

To participate in the workshop, you must:

  • be based (live/work) in Mexico
  • be interested in producing non-fiction work
  • be able to speak/understand English

It is desirable if have some experience working with VR as a format, whether you are working/experimenting in film, art, technology, journalism etc.

Places in the 2-day workshop are limited to 15 participants. To apply for a place, you must complete this application form here.

 We accept applications from individuals as well as 2-3 person teams.

Application deadline: Friday 26-October, 17:00 (CDT)

Applicants will be informed if they have secured a place at the workshop by Thursday 1 November. Workshop participants must attend the seminar on 21 November.


Workshop mentors:


Paisley Smith

Paisley Smith is a Canadian film and emerging tech director. She created Homestay, a VR documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada with Jam3. She is making Unceded Territories, a VR film with acclaimed artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. Smith has worked closely with industry pioneers Nonny de la Peña and Alex McDowell. She runs Feminist Futures, a collaborative World Building Workshop with designer Caitlin Conlen and admins Women in VR/AR, a large Facebook group of emerging tech makers.


Vincent McCurley

Vincent McCurley is an interactive designer for the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio. He has 15 years of interactive design and development experience helping filmmakers and artists use technology for creative and innovative new ways of telling stories. Vincent’s previous works include Welcome to Pine Point , selected for IDFA 2010, The Last Hunt, which was selected for IDFA 2013, and Bear 71, which was in competition for the DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling in 2012. Vincent recently worked on Cardboard Crash, a virtual reality experience exploring the ethical decision-making that comes with artifical intelligence in self-driving cars.


Seminar speaker:

Emily Savage

Emily manages content partnerships and relationships for Jaunt international. Her specific focus lies in working with traditional content producers that are now exploring immersive formats - including Arts and Culture, Broadcast, Film, News and Sport. Emily’s passion for immersive (VR, AR, MR) technology is founded in it’s usage in the arts, culture and heritage spaces. Over the past year she has been entrenched in this arena: Whilst previously working for Digital Catapult, Emily managed the UK’s largest immersive content investment programme - CreativeXR - a £1 million public funded accelerator run by Digital Catapult, Arts Council England and Innovate UK. Previous to this, Emily headed up events for Upload VR, based in San Francisco. The experience has given her a very broad perspective on the immersive industry, both in London and Silicon Valley.

 Emily is a firm advocate of encouraging more women and a greater diversity into the immersive industry and tech generally.


For enquiries regarding registration to the seminar and application to the workshop, please email the marketplace team at For enquiries regarding the Digi Lab @ MUTEK.MX, please contact their team at