Last June at Doc/Fest, the marketplace team kicked off the Sales & Distribution Summit with a 101 introduction to the basic concepts in Sales and Distribution. The goal of this presentation was to help filmmakers and producers understand better the differences between sales agents and distributors, how to get their film sold, and seen (!) by audiences locally and worldwide, as well as talk about film rights, minimum guarantees, pre-sales and global rights deals. 

Because this information isn't always available on the internet, or taught in film schools, and with the industry constantly evolving and changing, we've summarized the main points addressed during the session, which you can read here.

We've also asked sales agents and distributors to share with us some information about their companies: their mission, the type-s of documentaries they are looking for (format, themes,...) how many titles they take per year, at what stage they usually get on board with a project, the most succesful/recent titles on their slate, as well as how to get in touch with them.

We've compiled those companies' biographies below into a non-exhaustive list, to give you an overview of who are the main national and international players in the documentary landscape today. The list is divided in three sections: sales agencies, operating at the international level to help find buyers for your film in different countries; distribution companies, working at the domestic level, running campaigns and managing the logistics of getting your film to audiences within their specific territory; and finally, sales & distribution companies, selling films internationally and distributing films domestically.




Aquatic Films


Aquatic Films is an international sales company for documentaries. We work with independent producers helping them to reach foreign audiences through sales on the international market. We are looking for 52’ documentaries, series or titles having both a TV and a feature-length version, be they finished or at a rough cut stage. Our interest focuses on current affairs and arts & culture titles. Among our recent titles, we have an inspirational road-movie called Romantic Road (a film by Oliver McGarvey) and an epic family saga revolving around the mystery of stolen children, called My Mother’s Lost children (a film by Danny Ben-Moshe). For more information, please email silvia@aquaticfilms.net.

Autlook Film Sales

Based in Vienna and New York, Autlook Filmsales is one of the leading sales agents for feature documentaries and doc series. Since 2006 Autlook has been building a strong and varied network of partners including digital platforms, theatrical distributors, broadcasters and festivals. Our team offers a full spectrum of distribution, in-house, customized sales and festival strategies that help maximize revenues, audience engagement and fosters filmmakers’ careers. Selection titles include: OF FATHERS AND SONS by Talal Derki, TIME TRIAL by Finlay Pretsell, OVER THE LIMIT by Marta Prus and THE ART OF MUSEUMS, a series. Currently in production: DEAN MARTIN: KING OF COOL by Tom Donahue SENSELESS by Guy Davidi. We prefer to be contacted by filmmakers during production stage.

For more information, please contact the Autlook Film Sales team here.


CAT&Docs represents a catalogue of hand-picked documentaries with international potential.
Our catalogue includes Oscar Nominated & Oscar Winners documentaries, Winners from Major Film Festivals (Sundance, Berlin, IDFA, Locarno, Visions du Réel, etc.) : WHICH WAY HOME, LAST TRAIN HOME, PLANET OF SNAIL, 5 BROKEN CAMERAS, OF MEN AND WAR, CITIZENFOUR, SONITA, THE GOOD POSTMAN, COMMUNION, THE POETESS, CAMERAPERSON to name a few. CAT&Docs participates in the various markets (MIPDOC, MIPTV, MIPCOM, Sunny Side of the Docs) and most important festivals (Sundance, Berlinale, CPH:Dox, Hot Docs, Tribeca, Cannes, Sheffield, TIFF, Dok Leipzig, IDFA etc.)

CAT&Docs works with producers to create effective festival strategies to launch their films and presents appropriate films to the festival selection. CAT&Docs handles all rights and catters to theatrical distributors, broadcasters as well as VOD/SVOD platforms. Cat&Docs gets involved at any stage depending on the project and its uniqueness.

For more information, please email info@catndocs.com


Cinephil is an international sales and advisory firm, which has a strong reputation for securing international distribution, broadcasting and financing deals for documentaries from all over the world on behalf of film producers and directors. Latest titles include: The Silence of Others (Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar), The Cleaners (Moritz Riesewieck, Hans Block), Latifa (Olivier Peyon, Cyril Brody), The Distant Barking of Dogs (Simon Lereng Wilmont), and the Jewish Underground (Shai Gal).

For more information, please email  info@cinephil.com

Deckert Distribution

Deckert Distribution is a world sales company for documentaries and stands for excellent, director-led, award-winning films. We distribute creative documentaries from around the globe for which we see a potential on the international market. The films in our catalogue are very diverse in style and content, but they all have one thing in common: we are convinced of their high quality and their high relevance, and we want to introduce these outstanding documentaries to a wide international audience. So our main goal is to make the connection between a film and its viewers, via TV as well as within the festival circuit.

In general we have a strong interest in social topics, political issues, history, ecology and in films from / about Russia and Eastern Europe. We love films that carry a strong signature by its author. We distribute theatrical and TV documentaries.

For more information, please email info@deckert-distribution.com

Doc & Film International

Created by a pool of producers in 1996, Doc & Film International had been very active in selling TV-documentaries. In 2008, Daniela Elstner joined Doc & Film as head of the company and shareholder. Since then, we have been expanding the activities to international sales of feature films and feature length documentaries, working with directors from all over the world. Doc & Film International deals with a catalogue of more than 800 titles. We are attending all major markets and festivals around the globe in order to ensure maximum international exposure for our films. Backed by a worldwide network of theatrical distributors, broadcasters and digital platforms, we give all our films the best chance to reach the audience. Recent documentaries include Pierre Cardin biopic (in production), Ryuichi Sakamoto:Coda (Venice 2017), Amal (Idfa 2017), Dead souls by Wang Bing (Cannes 2018). We are looking for passionate, audacious new filmmakers & producers to work with. We acquire between 10 to 15 new documentaries per year. Programmes can be at the production stage or completed One-offs (52' / feature docs), series, and in the following genres: current affairs, pop culture (fashion, music), arts & culture, social issues/human interest. We look for strong stories about our contemporary world.

For more information, please email doc@docandfilm.com

DR Sales

DR Sales is the largest international distributor in Scandinavia, distributing an array of different, high quality programmes on a world wide basis. The programmes are produced by DR as well as by independent film companies and range within the genres of documentary, drama, children & youth and music & arts. Documentary themes range from society, anthropology, history, current affairs and politics, music, arts, travel and adventure, arts & culture, nature & wildlife, and politics.

For more information, contact the team at drsales@dr.dk

Fremantle Media International

With productin units throughout our global offices, Fremantle is one of the biggest creators, producers and distributors of television programming in the world. As well as our own production teams we have an unrivalled network of production companies and labels on the ground in over 30 territories.

For more information, please contact the Fremantle team here

Go2 Films 

Go2Films specializes in distribution, marketing and co-production of top Israeli docs, fiction films and TV series as well as international films with Jewish related content. We have a soft spot for movies which help us understand who we are, where do we come from and where we want to go. We welcome films that expand our minds and hearts. We work with the filmmakers to design a distribution & marketing strategy tailored specifically for their film, making sure that each film reaches its audiences worldwide.Over the years, we have developed personal long-term relationships with important buyers, broadcasters, film festivals, educational institutions and digital platforms around the globe.We keep seeking innovative ways to make our films reach the viewers in the ever-changing world of film distribution. We take 15-20 films a year and prefer to be contacted when you have a strong trailer based on a good proposal. Recent titles/most successful titles include: Unsettling, Joe's Violin (Nominated for Academy Awards 2017), Death in the Terminal, Remember Baghdad, The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev.

For more information, contact us at info@go2films.com

Illumina Films

Ilumina Films is a boutique sales company based in Amsterdam and has been in business for 18 years. It seeks documentaries that reflect and further deepen subjects seen in the news or are part of the international discussion. We are particularly looking for interesting characters and cultures in far away places who are making change or caught up in change taking place around them. Illumina Films looks for about 4-5 new documentaries a year of lengths from 30 minutes and up. Recent titles are: The Guardians, Tessa Moran, Ben Crosbie ; Daughters of the Curved Moon,  Sophie Dia Pergum, Miranda Yap ; The Faces We Lost, Piotr Cieplak ; A Stranger Came to Town, Thomas Vroege.

We’re happy to hear from anyone who has something that could work, via email at info@illuminafilms.nl

Java Films

Founded in 2005, Java Films is one of Europe’s leading independent documentary specialist sales agents. We are based in Paris with an office in London and a representative in Spain. We look for strong stories with international appeal, especially current affairs investigations. We very rarely take a feature without a 52’ version and we do not take any films shorter than 52’. We take on around 4 films a year at development stage for production support but for most films we like to see a rough cut before making a decision. Contact is made by via email to rebecca@javafilms.tv

Louise Rosen Ltd

Louise has been working in independent media for over 25 years, committed to supporting impactful, progressive work. She serves as an editorial and business consultant providing project review and strategies for fundraising, distribution and festival planning. She also acts as an international distributor across a range of outlets and platforms, and producer and sales agent for financing and distribution. She seeks early-stage, authored projects covering the arts, history, social issues, and science.

Her projects have included Oscar, Emmy, FIPRESCI, Teddy, Sundance and other award-winning films. Recent titles include Killing for Love (released by IFC Films/Sundance Selects December 2017, now streaming on Hulu), Eva Hesse (premiere film in the 2018/19 season of PBS “American Masters”), Prodigal Sons, and The Music Instinct, among others. Submissions with brief description/status can be sent via email to louise@louiserosenltd.com.

Met Film

Part of MetFilm Group, MetFilm Sales is a new agency specializing in sales of high-end single documentaries and series. MetFilm Sales was set up by Head of Sales & Acquisitions Vesna Cudic, who joined MetFilm from Dogwoof in 2017. MetFilm Sales slate includes a Sundance 2018 award winner OUR NEW PRESIDENT by Maxim Pozdorovkin, BISBEE ’17 (Sundance 2018) by Robert Green, THE OSLO DIARIES (Sundance ’18) by Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan, and the acclaimed Tribeca ’18 documentary THE FEELING OF BEING WATCHED by Assia Boundaoui.

In addition to completed titles, MetFilm Sales works closely with the filmmakers helping them finance their films through pre-sales. The pre-slate includes LAST BREATH, AFTER A REVOLUTION, LEFTOVER WOMEN, and THE ANIMATED LIFE OF OLIVER SACKS, all of which are currently in production. For more information, please email sales@metfilm.co.uk

Rise and Shine Worlds Sales

Rise and Shine World Sales is an international sales agency for outstanding award-winning documentary films. We operate on a boutique size level, currently taking a maximum of fifteen handpicked films per year. Often, these documentaries are debut films by talented directors and usually feature topics that can target clearly identifiable audiences. Each film we select is special to us. We care for each title and do everything to see it “rise and shine”. 

For more information, please email info@riseandshine-berlin.de.

Sideways Film 

Sideways Film is a documentary ales agency with offices in London and Barcelona. We take on twelve documentaries / series each year for world sales. We generally partner on narrative documentaries and journalistic programmes / series. We like narrative documentaries that take us into hidden worlds with incredible access, memorable characters and real story telling; films with flair that can touch wide audiences. In journalistic documentaries or series, we are looking for titles that cover entirely new ground, or are perhaps counter intuitive across current affairs, investigative, social issues, science and tech, and beyond. We require a 52’ version for all feature length titles. We like to be contacted as early as possible, at conception stage ideally in case we can notify of any issues ahead, even similar projects or suggest comm eds / film fund or come on as production partners.

For more information, please contact the Sideways Film team here

SND Films
The Netherlands

International boutique sales agency of fiction, animation and some doc short films and (feature/hour length) documentaries since 1994. Repping a various range of films and attending most major markets and festivals around the world. Exclusive agent for many famous directors, like Bill Plympton's shorts, Paul Driessen and many others. Last year's Academy Award ® "La Femme et le TGV" (fiction) and Student Academy Award winner "Life Smartphone" has been the latest acquisitions, as well as the short documentaries "Half a Life" , "Obon" and the feature "Also Life is an Art - The Case Max Emden". SND is mostly looking for documentaries that are Arts & Culture related, as well as LGBTQ docs that are entertaining and have a 'light' character. We take about 5 docs a year (and 25 shorts in general) and prefer to be contacted during development or when finished.

For more information, please email info@sndfilms.com.

Spier Films

Spier Films International & Compass Films Iceland co-produce and distribute documentary and factual television content for international sales. A boutique sales arm to the award-winning production and finance company, Spier Films/Compass Films acquires up to five title per year for executive producing and sales. We can become involved at any stage of the production but prefer that some finance is attached and access is already confirmed. Recent titles include: YARN (2016 SXSW), Robert Mugabe… what happened? (2011) amongst numerous others.

For more information, please email Heather Millard at heather@spierfilms.com

Syndicado Film Sales

Syndicado is a Toronto based full-service world sales agency handling festivals, TV, theatrical, educational, DVD and digital sales worldwide. We are looking for auteur driven stories but are also interested in strong characters as well as topical subjects that convey a universal approach. Taking only 15 documentaries per year enables us to maximize the sales potential of the film but it also permits us to build a strong relationship with our filmmakers. Recent titles include: A Woman Captured (Sundance Film Festival, IDFA, Sheffield Doc/Fest); Easy Lessons (Locarno IFF); Welcome to Sodom (CPH DOX). Contact Aleksandar Govedarica, at development/early production stage at aleksandar@syndicado.com.

Taskovski Films

Taskovski Films Ltd. is a London based world sales and production company of independent documentary. We welcome innovative, playful and risky forms of filmmaking capable of engaging and surprising audiences around the globe. Our passion is discovering new talent and authorial stories. Taskovski Films is co-producer and sales agent of the multi-award winner documentary Czech Dream (The most successful European documentary film), Czech Peace (Grand Prix DMZ Docs), People I could have been and maybe I am (Winner of IDFA, Visions du Réel, HotDocs), Cooking History, nominated for the European Academy Award, winner of special jury award at Hot Docs 2009, FIPRESCI Jury Award, Leipzig DOKS 2009, and many others. Among our latest titles are Venice FF winner for the Best Documentary The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin by Yves Montmayeur, about controversial Canadian film director Guy Maddin, multi-awarded, festival hit Lampedusa in Winter by Jakob Brossmann, deep insight into a situation of refugees in Europe, Olmo and The Seagull, exceptional docu-fiction by Petra Costa and Lea Glob.

For more information, please contact the team at sales@taskovskifilms.com.

The Match Factory

World sales company The Match Factory is dedicated to bringing the finest in arthouse cinema to the international market. Since our founding in 2006, our passion has been to work with films of signature and vision from around the globe. The Match Factory has built strong relationships with acclaimed directors and producers, while working simultaneously to discover promising new filmmakers with a powerful original style.

Documentary titles include: WALTZ WITH BASHIR by Ari Folman, POLLUTING PARADISE by Fatih Akin, ALPHABET by Erin Wagenhofer, FERRANTE FEVER by Giacomo Durzi, GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING by Corinna Belz, PETER HANDKE - IN THE WOODS, WHORE’S GLORY by Michael Glawogger, ALIVE IN FRANCE by Abel Ferrara, BERGMAN - A LIFE IN A YEAR by Jane Magnusson, ALTMAN by Ron Mann, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN THE WORLD’S ON FIRE by Roberto Minervini.

For more information, please email info@matchfactory.de.

TVF International

TVF International's specialist approach to distribution has earned us a place within the media landscape as the leading independent factual distributor in the UK. Our catalogue encompasses everything from factual entertainment and lifestyle series to exceptional one-off documentaries, representing some of the most innovative and creative producers from across the globe. The TVF team is energetic and vibrant, with over fifteen languages spoken across Sales and Acquisitions. Both divisions work within their own specific territories to maintain a highly specialised knowledge of the global content market. Alongside the distribution of completed programming, we operate extensively with pre-sales, co-productions and formats.

For more information, please contact the TVF team here

Upside Distribution

Upside Distribution, as part of Havas Group, is a major player in international distribution acting worldwide. As a leading and fast-growing sales agent, we represent the best content of all genres with a cutting-edge expertise in documentary. We are committed to bringing on the market the best the world has to offer. Our slate includes all forms of high standard productions, from TV to feature-length documentaries premiered in Major festivals (Sundance, Venice IFF, Berlinale, Tribeca, SXSW).

Constantly at the forefront of the industry, we think and act globally, providing premium content only to all kind of broadcasters and platforms. We cover doc, TV & cinema markets as well as festivals, working with completed titles and representing projects. We team up with the world’s most creative producers at very early stage helping them promoting and selling their films globally.

For more information, please contact the team here




Andana Film 

AndanaFilms is a distribution company dedicated to celebrating creativity and innovation. Since the beginning we have tried to build a strong relationship with filmmakers, and focus on working hand in hand with them on the financing front – to help secure funds and prebuys.

Our editorial line consists of one-hour programmes in the fields of society, politics, history and art, and feature length documentaries with an international scope.

For more information, please contact the team here

Factory 25

Factory 25 is a home for conceptually provocative narratives and documentaries. F25's mission is to deliver specialized film and music titles in an aesthetically captivating way while exposing the indie world to under-the-radar films, music, and other curiosities theatrically, digitally, on TV, VOD, via subscription, limited edition DVDs with vinyl LPs and books. Factory 25 headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York.

For more information, please contact the team here.

Kino Smith

Working under the umbrella of the Blue Ice Group, we acquire, fund and develop a wide variety of non-fiction projects from around the world.Founded in 2014 in partnership between Robin Smith, president of KinoSmith and Neil Tabatznik of the Blue Ice Group, Blue Ice Docs intends to use the expertise and skills of both organizations to build a singular, world-leading documentary distribution entity that will take non-fiction product across all media platforms within Canada and beyond.The Silence of Others (Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo, USA/Spain), Notes on Blindness (Peter Middleton, James Spinney, UK) Author: The JT LeRoy Story, Bugs (Andreas Johnson, DK), Do Donkeys Act (David Redmon, Ashley Sabin, UK), Franca: Chaos and Creation (Francesco Carrozzini, USA/Italy), Miners Shot Down (Rehad Desai, South Africa), Over the Limit (Marta Prus, Poland/Germany), The Cleaners (Hans Block, Moritz Riesewick, Germany/Brazil/Netherlands/Italy/USA). We ideally like to see projects that have begun production and are 30-40% financed and may work for our equity fund. We look at completed films as well.

For more information, please email info@kinosmith.com.


Madman is a leading independent entertainment distribution and rights management company. Madman specialises in wholesale distribution of video and DVD movies into retail and rental stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Other rights management activities undertaken by Madman include theatrical distribution as well as licensing for Television, VOD, Hotel, Airline and Merchandise.

Highly vertically integrated, Madman's operations include one of Australia's leading DVD production studios and a commercial printing operation who are well reputed for their innovative, high quality packaging. Madman is strongly niche focused and driven by staff who are as passionate about our products as our buying customers. We are Australia's leading distributor of Anime (Japanese Animation), Australian and Global Independent film, Asian Cinema, Bollywood, Action Sports and other special interest genres.

For more information, please contact the team at sales@madman.com.au


NEON is a US based label dedicated to cinema started by respected industry veterans Tom Quinn and Tim League. Recent titles include Three Identical Strangers (Tim Wardle), Borg VS McEnroe (Janus Metz), The B-Side (Errol Morris). Neon commissions or acquire 1-12 films per yer and are looking for documentary features, series, and shorts in the following genres: arts & cultures, current affairs & investigative, political, human interest, social issues, music.

NonStop Entertainment

NonStop Entertainment is a leading distributor of quality film, and has since it launched in 1998 widened the concept of independent cinema and develop new forms for distribution of film in the Nordic and Baltic region. NonStop Entertainment is proud Scandinavian distributor of modern classics like Ingrid Bergman - In Her Own Words, The Wrestler, This is England, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Searching for Sugar Man, Requiem for a Dream, Gomorra, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Leviathan, Winter's Bone, Moonrise Kingdom, Magic Mike and Mommy.

Under the sublabel NonStop Dox, NonStop Entertainment launches the greatest documentaries available in the world, recent examples include Weiner, Peggy Guggenheim – Art Addict, Life animated, September Issue, Bill Cunningham – New York and The Cove. Under the label NonStop Darkness, the company distributes original genre cinema, including It Follows, Babadook, Grasy Strangler, The Guest, Baskin and The Girl With All The Gifts. In 2016 NonStop Entertainment launched it's classic label NonStop Timeless, reintroducing gems lika The Dictator, Three Colors, Querelle, Orlando and Modern Times in cinemas.

For more information, please contact the team here.


Oscilloscope Laboratories is an NYC-based feature film distribution company. We distribute unique, independently produced films in the North American market theatrically, digitally, on DVD, and anywhere else audiences watch films these days. We release 8 - 12 films a year and usually get involved when films are finished or in post. If you have something that you think may be a good fit please email us. Recent Films include Kedi, The King, John McEnroe: In The Realm Of Perfection, On Her Shoulders, Hal, Bobbi Jene, Brimstone & Glory, The Road Movie. We are mostly looking for documentaries that are Arts & Culture related, as well as LGBTQ docs that are entertaining and have a 'light' character. We take about 5 docs a year (and 25 shorts in general). Contact: during development or when finished.

For more information, please email info@oscilloscope.net

Violet Pictures

As a boutique documentary distributor, we work directly with filmmakers to devise a unique release strategy to release their film in the UK & Ireland. This can range from a countrywide UK tour with 100+ screenings to targeted screenings in certain cities. We also work closely with sales agents and other distributors in Europe and the US to be their UK distribution partner on certain films which we think can reach an audience in the UK. We're looking for 2-3 feature documentaries a year that can be shown around the country and which appeal to a diverse audience and can be shown over an extended run so the public are able to find out about the film beyond the opening weekend.

We are happy to hear about your film when you're in production, post-production and while you're on the festival circuit. Our catalogue includes the award-winning films After Tiller and Pandora's Promise from Sundance and Sheffield Doc Fest. For more information, please email info@violetpictures.co.uk.

Passion River Films

Since 1998, Passion River Films has been devoted to acquiring, distributing and representing unique independent films and documentaries. Our award winning and festival favorite features have made their home on shelves of various notable film libraries and institutions. Our deep catalog represents films focused on a multitude of topics including Multicultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Medical Studies and Advances, Religious and Spiritual studies, Environmentalism, Aging, Drug Addiction, LGBT and more!  

Passion River Films is a film distributor specializing in films that engage with audiences and impact communities. We handle distribution to theaters, VOD, home video, and to academic and digital markets. Passion River's diverse catalog features Academy Award and Emmy-winning films as well as films that have been recognized at Independent Spirit Awards, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival and many other prestigious events. 

For more information, please contact the team here.

Silverlining TV

Silverlining was set up by Bethan Corney in March 2012, in response to a growing need from producers for help with finding funding to get their ideas into production.  Since then, we’ve raised more than £6 million in production finance for our clients through full commissions and co

-productions and have worked with more than 60 channel partners around the world. We’ve now extended our services with the launch of Silverlining Rights, where a team of dedicated associates broker sales of factual acquisitions on behalf of our clients. 

For more information, please contact the team here.

Together Films

Together Films is a marketing, distribution & data agency based in London, serving clients worldwide. We offer strategic consultancy & campaign delivery in addition to developing bespoke technical solutions for the film industry. We explore hybrid distribution models and maximise custom non-theatrical screening campaigns to ensure that a film reaches the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform. We support films from development through to distribution, providing strategic consultation along the way. Most recently we managed the UK campaign for Sundance award-winning Unrest; we're currently working with Patagonia on their latest environmental campaign Blue Heart, and HBO on the international release of The Tale. We will be launching a new data platform to help bring clarity to the business of film.

For more information, please email Hello@TogetherFilms.org.

Women Make Movies

For more than 45 years, Women Make Movies has transformed the landscape of filmmaking for diverse women directors and producers, helping to bring issues facing women around the world to light. Our Production Assistance Program assists filmmakers with their productions from concept through completion with fiscal sponsorship, consultations and other technical assistance. As the world’s leading distributor of independent films by and about women, we amplify the voices of people historically ignored by the mainstream media.

Our acclaimed collection, which features Academy, Emmy, Peabody and Sundance nominees and award winners, is used by thousands of cultural, educational and community organizations across North America. We release 20 – 25 films annually and some recent highlights include Kim Longinotto’s DREAMCATCHER and Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami’s SONITA and Irene Lusztig’s YOURS IN SISTERHOOD. We can start considering projects at rough cut stage preferably.

For more information, visit www.wmm.com or email kf@wmm.com.

Diversion Cinema

Diversion cinema is specialised in distributing and showcasing VR experiences. The company is always looking for VR pieces to represent internationally, to distribute to its partners in Europe, to showcase in its cinemas, events and festivals. From 360 videos to interactive experiences, Diversion cinema aims to represent soulful VR pieces to large audiences. We’re open to the discovery of powerful VR contents, whether they are documentaries, fiction films or interactive experiences.

Our lineup is rich in variety and themes. Some of our main titles include: The Real Thing, VR documentary - Official Selection at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018, Experience 2018, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2018 ; Wild Immersion, immersive and educational VR content ; Kobold VR Experience, cross-media project (short film + interactive experience) - Official Selection at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia 2018 ; The Horrifically Real Virtuality, immersive theatre VR play - Official Selection at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia 2018.

For more information, please contact the Diversion Cinema team here.




Altitude Films

The Altitude Film Entertainment group comprises Altitude Film Production, Altitude Film Sales and Altitude Film Distribution. The Altitude Film Sales slate includes several documentaries including Whitney from Academy Award®-winning director Kevin Macdonald, Tina Turner directed by Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin and Billie directed by award-winning filmmaker James Erskine. Altitude Film Sales can look at documentaries at all stages of production but the focus is on titles that have international theatrical potential and a producer and director should already be on board. The company has had great success with films about internationally recognised stars from musicians to sports personalities, but will look at all themes. The sales team handle around 1-3 docs per year.

General enquires can be sent to info@altitudefilment.com

Cargo Films & Releasing

Founded in 2000, Cargo Film & Releasing is a New York-based sales agency and international distribution company. Cargo represents documentary features, music & arts, lifestyle, reality and history content for the domestic and international marketplace. We acquire around 10-12 documentary features per year as well as older documentary films for over-the-top video streaming service Docurama – a newly relaunched digital channel owned by Cinedigm. We work on a handful of early-stage films and evaluate projects at all stages including development to completion, sometimes as Executive Producers.

For more information, please contact the Cargo Films team here.

Cinetic Media

Cinetic Media is a New York-based film and media company that, since its founding in 2001, has provided an exclusive group of entertainment clients with advisory services in every aspect of development and operations related to motion pictures. The firm specializes in film finance, sales, distribution, talent management, and corporate consulting, occupying a unique position in the film industry as representatives of marquee talent at the intersection of financing and distribution.

For more information, please contact office@cineticmedia.com


Dogwoof is regarded as the foremost documentary specialist brand in the world, and is a stamp of the highest quality content. We sell worldwide, distribute theatrically in the UK and invest in the production of creative feature docs and docu-series. Founded in 2004, notable releases include theatrical hits such as Blackfish and Dior and I and acclaimed titles such as OSCAR®-nominated Cartel Land and BAFTA-winning The Act of Killing. Dogwoof recently launched a film investment fund - TDog Productions - focusing on the development and production of feature docs and docu-series, gearing up the company towards vertical integration of production, sales and distribution. We are looking for compelling, feature-length documentaries and TV series.

Our focus is towards strong narrative structures that are highly cinematic and character-driven with strong international theatrical potential and clear appeal to audiences in the UK/worldwide. We are open to all themes, especially topical current affairs, fashion, music and the arts. We will come on board at any stage of a project and our involvement can range from world sales representation, UK theatrical distribution, to executive production and co-productions.

For more information, please contact info@dogwoof.com.

Espresso Media International 

Established over 25 years ago, Espresso Media International (formerly Espresso TV) started off life as a production company developing magazine programmes, documentaries and strands for the BBC and TVS (ITV). The mid to late 1990’s saw Espresso involved in setting up a sports programming and distribution service to Latin America, and Hispanic North America producing a daily news and programming service, delivered to over 20 Latin American channels in three languages. Since the late 1990’s Espresso’s focus has rested on distribution with well-established international contacts in the documentary and factual entertainment genres.

Our catalogue is built on representing some of the best UK and International Producers with award-winning documentaries and series. In addition to this we are working on co-production of several factual projects at various stages of funding with European, North American and other International broadcasters. We are always looking to acquire new high quality factual entertainment series and documentary programming, selecting titles that fit our profile enabling us to provide a focused and personal service to our clients.

For more information, please contact the team here.

Film Collaborative

THE FILM COLLABORATIVE is the first non-profit committed to distribution education and facilitation of independent film. Launched in early 2010, TFC offers independent filmmakers a full range of services, including fiscal sponsorship, education about distribution, and distribution and marketing service (including sales representation, service theatrical releases, hybrid distribution, grassroots marketing, traditional marketing, digital aggregation, distribution consultation and contract consultation).

For more information, please contact the team here.

Firsthand Films

First Hand Films work as international distributor / sales agent and producers, with access to talent, story architects, directors, producers, broadcasters and funding bodies. We find the partners and the finance, deal with the entire production process as its ‘foreign ministers’, handle commissioned programs, and facilitate co-productions anywhere, also through their production outfit Kiss The Frog Films. We are looking for accessible & passionate one-offs, features, series, slots, theme nights, trans-media. Our constantly renewed catalogue includes more than 300 hand-picked titles from all over the world. We work with ambitious and realistic projects worldwide, combining intelligence, practical knowledge and experience.

First Hand Films operates as theatrical distributor in Switzerland and has released a number of Swiss films and also PARTY GIRL (Caméra d’Or Cannes) and CITIZENFOUR (Oscar Best Documentary). BURMA VJ was nominated for the Academy Award®  in 2010, and in 2014, we received an Honory Award by the MiradasDoc festival for “having been able to rejuvenate the language of documentary filmmaking and bring it closer to our living rooms.” We prefer to be contacted for: final films, rough cut, projects with kit and trailer.

For more information, please contact the Firsthand Films team here.

Journeyman Pictures

Journeyman Pictures is a multi-platform, global distributor of feature, TV and short documentaries. The company covers all markets, including festivals, theatrical, broadcast, educational and digital. Journeyman is directly licensed with iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and operates a powerful release strategy that incorporates a strong promotional system.  The company has a particular reputation for topical or investigative films, however they have an eclectic catalogue that incorporates top festival hits and a broad range of styles and themes. For select projects Journeyman invests finance, raises funding and co-pro partnerships. Recent titles include Tanzania Transit, A River Below, A Little Wisdom, Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network. We are happy to be contacted at any stage: we sometimes get involved at an early stage and up to rough cut stage.

For more information, get in touch with the acquisitions team at films@journeyman.tv.

Hat Trick International

Hat Trick International is the distribution arm of Hat Trick Productions. HTI exploits all of Hat Trick's IP, as well as that from third parties (including factual producers Keo Films, Plum Pictures and Emporium Productions). Our catalogue of quality content comprises 2,000 hours of finished programmes  and is bespoke and manageable. Some recent successes are Killer Women with Piers Morgan and Exodus: Our Journey to Europe. We have very collaborative relationships with producers, not just selling their new shows, but help finding pre-sales or co-finance. Our experienced sales team works across all platforms globally. We prefer to be contacted once a programme has been greenlit for commission or is at least mostly financed.

For more information, you can email Hanah at HanaZ@hattrick.com

Magnolia Pictures

Boasting a library of over 500 titles, Magnolia Pictures is the theatrical and home entertainment distribution arm of the Wagner/Cuban Companies, a vertically-integrated group of media properties co-owned by Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban that also includes the Landmark Theatres chain and AXS TV. Recent releases include Raoul Peck’s Oscar-nominated I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO; LUCKY, John Carroll Lynch’s directorial debut starring iconic actor Harry Dean Stanton; Cannes Palme d'Or winner and Oscar-nominated THE SQUARE; Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe winner IN THE FADE; THE FINAL YEAR, an unprecedented insiders' account of President Barack Obama's foreign policy team; and RBG documentary, US box-office hit about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Contact: acquisitions@magpictures.com

Magnolia International is the sales arm of Magnolia Pictures, featuring a library of more than 100 narrative and documentary features from Magnolia Pictures and 2929 Entertainment. Feature films include: THE ABCs OF DEATH, JOHN DIES AT THE END, GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, TWO LOVERS, LUCKY, REDACTED, RESULTS, THE ROAD, TANGERINE, TROLLHUNTER and XX. Among our documentaries are: BEST OF ENEMIES, BLACKFISH, THE CHINA HUSTLE, THE COCAINE COWBOYS trilogy, THE FINAL YEAR, IRIS, LIFE ITSELF, LO AND BEHOLD, ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, TICKLED, THE WOLFPACK and THE WRECKING CREW. Rounding out the 2018 slate are the portrait of the notorious RBG, the fashion documentary THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ANDRE, Jason Mitchell-starring Sundance drama TYREL, and upcoming thriller BODY AT BRIGHTON ROCK.
Contact: international@magpictures.com

Monoduo Films

Monoduo Films is a sales agency and distributor exclusively for feature-length music documentaries. Monoduo is also active as a producer for a variety of content. We only represent up to 4 films a year worldwide. We usually get attached at a rough cut stage but welcome producers to get in touch during earlier stages to have the film on our radar.  Films we’ve worked on include Desolation Center, A Band Called Death, Austin To Boston, Mistaken For Strangers, Betty - They Say I’m Different and many others.

For more information, please contact the Monoduo Films team here.

Park Circus

Established in 2003 by John Letham and Nick Varley, Park Circus is a world leading distributor and sales agent. Park Circus license over 20,500 theatrical screenings per year in 113 countries around the world. From outdoor screenings in remote locations, to retrospectives in major cinematheques; from festival premieres of new titles, to pop-up screenings on city rooftops; we love making incredible cinema events happen. Park Circus represents over 25,000 titles from all the major Hollywood and British studios, along with many specialist libraries and catalogues. Park Circus was one of the earliest adopters and supporters of digital cinema (our first digital release was Brief Encounter in 2005). We now have over 2,000 titles available for digital exhibition. In addition, our extensive library of 35mm and 70mm prints is available for booking worldwide.

For more information, please contact the team here

ro*co films

Since 2000, ro*co films has distributed a highly curated collection of documentaries to the worldwide market.  ro*co films licenses films globally for theatrical, broadcast, digital, home video, and educational distribution.  For international distribution, ro*co films takes on fifteen to twenty films per year and is generally seeking story-driven, contemporary themed films with global appeal.  In addition to a curated slate of award-winning film festival documentaries, ro*co films represents eighteen Oscar-nominated films, including classics such as Born into Brothels, Jesus Camp and Hoop Dreams. Recent projects include Liz Garbus’ doc series The Fourth Estate and Stephanie Soechtig’s The Devil We Know. ro*co films considers feature or series format projects in production or recently completed.

For more information, please email contactus@rocofilms.com.


Submarine is a hybrid sales, production and distribution company run by twin brothers and co-founders Dan Braun and Josh Braun.

Submarine has been involved with the sale of five out of the last eight academy award winning documentaries; Citizenfour, 20 Feet From Stardom, Man on Wire, The Cove and Searching for Sugar Man.  Other films in Submarine’s portfolio include: Trophy, I Called Him Morgan, The Keepers, Nobody Speak, Chasing Coral, Quest, Life Animated, The Witness, Weiner, Sunshine Superman, Iris, Blackfish, The Wolfpack, Food Inc, Batkid Begins, The Overnight, Finding Vivian Maier, Best of Enemies, Woody Allen an Untitled Documentary, Tiny Furniture, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Cutie and the Boxer, Black Rock, Muscle Shoals, Buck, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Peace Officer, Meru, Tangerine, Creep, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, Dior and I, The Unknown Known, Buck, Dirty Wars, 3 and ½ Minutes, Queen of Versailles, Patrolman P, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, Winter’s Bone, Valentino The Last Emperor, Tabloid, Witch Hunt, Page One: Inside the NY Times, Love Marilyn, Chasing Ice, Dear Mr Watterson, Being Elmo, Station to Station, Drug Lord, Seamless, Cat Dancers, Easy Riders Raging Bulls, Blank City, Ivory Tower, Kill your Idols, and The Cave of Forgotten Dreams among others.

For more information, contact the team at info@submarine.com.


If you are a sales agent or a distribution company and would like to be listed on our website, please get in touch with us at marketplace@sheffdocfest.com