Rough/Ready Work in Progress Session is Open for Applications

Rough/Ready screens work in progress and fine cut films from filmmakers and/or producers based in the UK and Ireland, offering a space to engage with international and domestic festival programmers, sales agents, co-producers, distributors, and financiers. It is open to emerging and experienced filmmakers and producers seeking a supportive connection and feedback forum at a critical stage of their edit.

How it works

We are seeking the best new feature length documentaries from the UK and Ireland. There are no thematic criteria for selection. Selected titles must have potential for distribution at festivals and/or wider distribution markets: theatrical, TV, SVOD. We will select three projects, each of which will receive dedicated feedback after the screening. The films have to be feature length non-fiction works, and each project will present up to 20 minutes of material alongside a 7 minute presentation on Monday 10th June. Material can be 20 minutes of consecutive film or select 5-7 minute scene assemblies.


Submissions Open: Midday (UK) March 11 2019

Submissions Close: Midday (UK) April 18 2019

Selected Projects Notification: April 25 2019

Event Date: 6:30-8:30pm Monday June 10th, 2019 at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Key information

  • The submission fee is £20 + VAT.
  • Submitted works must be at rough cut or fine cut stage
  • Applicants do not need to submit an entire rough cut for consideration, however a minimum of 20mins of material is required for assessment this can be select scenes, or a single extended excerpt
  • The session is for works intended to be over 60mins in length, and seeking to engage with international and domestic festival programmers, sales agents, co-producers, distributors, and financiers. Short form films are not eligible
  • The main producer and/or director of the film must be based in the UK or Ireland
  • Each work has up to 20 minutes to share material, 7 minutes to introduce and 10 minutes feedback in the room.
  • We cannot screen 3D, shortform, episodic or multiscreen works
  • We cannot screen works solely intended for a domestic market
  • Rough/Ready is a private forum for industry delegates only, your work will not be seen by general public. We can implement social media blackout if required.
  • Participating projects will receive a festival pass for two core team members
  • Filmmakers and producers may present in pairs or individually
  • The festival cannot offer travel and accommodation support to selected projects
  • Works can be screened on digital file provided in advance of the festival

If you have any enquiries regarding Rough/Ready Film submissions, please email Film Programme Coordinator Mita Suri: 

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