Chidera Eggerue - best known as The Slumflower, star of her popular lifestyle blog and inspiration to over 200,000 Instagram followers - joined The Guardian’s Leah Green in conversation at the 2019 festival -

Chidera Eggerue’s message of self-love has struck a cord with thousands of women of all ages and from all walks of life, but particularly those who couldn’t see themselves represented in the fashion blogs of “mainly white and middle-class” women. As she told The Guardian, Chidera couldn’t relate to such sites and so decided, “I’m going to start a blog, and it’s going to be conversational, about fashion and bodies, but also just about feeling more confident, especially as a black girl.”

Hugely successful campaigns like #saggyboobsmatter and #blockhimparty have followed, as well as two books: What a Time to be Alone quickly became a top 10 best-seller and makes relatable use of Igbo proverbs from her mother’s native Nigeria; and her second book, Scribble Yourself Feminist is an interactive and empowering journal addressing #everydaysexism.

We welcomed Chidera to Doc/Fest for the first time, along with producer Lucy Pilkington (Milk & Honey), to discuss her campaigning work and new documentary for Channel 4, which questions our homogenised ideals of beauty. 

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