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At the core of the Sheffield Doc/Fest’s main programme strands are short documentary compilations. We view short documentary cinema as a vital art form in the ecology of cinema: a space of brevity, emergence, focus and experimentation at just the right length. Our short documentary award is BAFTA and Academy Award qualifying, and many new talents presenting in the shorts selection return to the festival at future stages of their career.

This year’s selection celebrates works under 40 minutes in length with variety from sober and deep journalism to abstract artist’s film, glistening momentarily on Sheffield screens. Here we have listed all shorts programmes at the 2019 edition. Screenings of shorts rarely overlap, so if you love this length you can hit all ten screenings in a six day marathon for the bargain price of a Doc/Lover pass. Book or reserve your tickets early as our shorts programmes often sell out.

Discover new voices and meet the filmmakers at the Q&As of each screening.

If you want to catch this year’s nominees for the Academy Award qualifying Short Award, here are the screening times:

America by Garrett Bradley: Sat 8 June / 17:45 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

BLACK TO TECHNO by Jenn Nkiru: Sat 8 June / 21:15 / Showroom Cinema 1

Ghosts of Sugar Land by Bassam Tariq: Sun, 9 June / 16:30 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

If You Knew by Stroma Cairns: Sun 9 June / 13:45 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

Misericórdia by Xavier Marrades: Sat 8 June / 17:45 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

Wild Berries by Marianna Vas, Hedda Bednarszky, Romulus Balazs: Sun 9 June / 13:45 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2


Doc/Adventure Shorts

This line-up traverses road, canal and ocean, wandering through murky London, nocturnal Havana, and frantic Hawaii.  

Sunday 9 June/ 13:45 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

99 Problems
808: How We Respond
If You Knew
The Cemetery Lightens
The Tide
Wild Berries


Doc/Expose Shorts

In these dimly lit documents the act of testimony is diffused through shadows, masks and reflections.

Sunday 9 June / 16:30 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

Ghosts of Sugarland
Sandoval's Bullet


Doc/Love Shorts

Playful, hard, and vibrant love pulsates through these shorts, each lensed with a unique vision of intimacy.

Sat 8 June / 16:30 / Curzon Cinema 1

After the Silence
Alone Together
The Vibrant Village


Doc/Rhythm Shorts 1

The visual record meets the sound, melds with the rhythm it portrays and shakes the cinema screen like the skin of a drum.

Sat 8 June / 21:15 / Showroom Cinema 1

The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs
Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simona
Father Figure 


Doc/Rhythm Shorts 2

Each film in this group is a portal to personal worlds, an auditorium resonant with chants for the soul, for identity, for love.

Fri 7 June / 18:30 / Showroom Cinema 1

Here, We Are
Hype Master
Shirley Temple


Doc/Think Shorts 1

Memory and dreams flow, flicker and glitch in these odes to forgotten histories, and moments of encounter.

Sat 8 June / 17:45 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

A Love Song for Latasha
Dramatic and Mild


Doc/Think Shorts 2

In these artful tales animal pheromones permeate the anthropocene with beautiful and disturbing scenes of ecological change.

Sun 9 June / 21:30 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

Body All Eyes
Curupira, creature of the woods
Diary of Cattle


Doc/Visions Shorts

Playful and melancholic frames expand and distort horizons of the real in these short glimpses, each offering new ways of seeing.

Mon 10 June / 14:30 / The Light Cinema 6

Adversarial Feelings
Fordlandia Malaise
Past Perfect
Westinghouse Three
Wittnerchrome Notes I & II


New/Japan Shorts

These images glow beyond comprehension, from the intimate and familial lens to the abstract cosmos of imagination.

Sat 8 June / 9:15 / Showroom Cinema 1

A Tiny Place That Is Hard to Touch
Mountain Plain Mountain
The Pearl of Tailorbird

New/UK Shorts

In these raw scenes of a country in flux, a generation of UK filmmakers question values, flip assumptions, and walk the streets of the here and now.

Sat 8 June / 9:30 / Oatly Showroom Cinema 2

And It Was The Same With My Son
The Circle
Fast Talk
The Masses