From algorhythmic governance to commodified emotional connections, these films swipe between bubblegum screen-life and dark wired worlds. Digital natives balance the pixelated power of connected selves: playfully subverting identity, documenting the intimate and redefining social realms.

Searching Eva
Director: Pia Hellenthal / 83 mins / UK Premiere

Eva – 25, drifter, Berliner, poet, pet-owner, sex worker, virgo, recovering addict, housewife, feminist, model – declared privacy an outdated concept at the age of 14. This is the tale of a young woman growing up in the age of the internet, turning the search for oneself into a public spectacle, challenging you on what a woman „should be“. Through her fragmented personalities you see the emergence of a generation, in which the concept of a fixed identity has grown old. A portrait of modern existence.

Alone Together
Director: Guus Voorham / 16 mins / UK Premiere

Found footage reveals whispering women evoking the girlfriend experience. Ear-lickers, ego-soothers and one-way conversations simulate the fantasy of intimacy in a bizarre commodification of emotional connection.

Director: Alice Aedy / 14 mins / World Premiere

The present appears to be a sci-fi dystopia. Against visions of British cities and faces illuminated by smartphones, anonymous voicemails from young people are left for the Minister for Loneliness.

Hi, AI
Director: Isa Willinger / 88 mins / UK Premiere

Insightful and laconic melding of sci-fi and documentary explores the ethically complex universe of artificial intelligence. Moving between a lonely American scientist and an estranged Japanese family, this often funny futuristic drama portrays people seeking human connection with the robots that have entered their lives.

Director: Liza Mandelup / 98 mins / UK Premiere

Sixteen year old Austyn is determined to fake it till he makes it. Twenty thousand adoring girls follow his positivity-exuding live streams, allowing him to dream of life beyond his Tennessee home. In California, 21 year-old Michael is making a fortune ruthlessly managing a cadre of hormonal A-list boy vloggers. A fascinating, nuanced exploration of the cost of the social media gold rush.

Director: Felipe Elgueta, Ananké Pereira / 20 mins / UK Premiere

Snapchat is the height of transforming our lives into instantaneous, disposable narratives. These glimpses into the lives of others are meant to evaporate, but this film resists that throwaway trajectory.

Sunrise with Sea Monsters
Director: Myles Painter / 71 mins / World Premiere

Sunrise With Sea Monsters follows a wandering desktop hard drive as it journeys through the British landscape in a quest to explore new ways to store and preserve human knowledge for humanity in the future. The film explores pioneering new longterm data storage methods and technologies through conversations between the filmmaker and visionary scientists, technologists, philosophers and a personal exchange with their partner. The film also questions who will be the future recipient of our preserved knowledge and if they will even be human.