Sheffield Doc/Fest is not just a festival for the film and television industry. We ensure our festival is accessible to everyone, including families and children. We host screenings as part of Showroom Cinema's Kino Bambino baby friendly screening programme, work with organisations like Into Film and partner with local Childcare services. Our film programme is also full of films about family and children, here are just some of them. To nourish everyone's inner kid (also adults' ones!), we are offering a free ticket to everyone whose birthday happens during Doc/Fest a free ticket to any film or event. Just e-mail your proof of date of birth with your selected gig to and we'll take it from there!

Dive: Rituals in Water
Director: Elín Hansdóttir, Hanna Björk Valsdóttir, Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir / 73 mins / UK Premiere

Believing that we all learn to swim while in the womb. Icelandic pioneer Snorri Magnusson has been patiently teaching babies to float and paddle for twenty five years. This buoyant, joyful portrait follows the sensitive Snorri as he lovingly instructs his smiling infant students to dive, sing and even stand upright on his palm. Showing as part of Kino Bambino!.

Tiny Souls
Director: Dina Naser / 85 mins / UK Premiere

Marwa is nine, and like any child, her concerns revolve around school, and her interests around playtime. Four months into camp life, Marwa expects that they’d likely stay there for another week, maybe two. Over the ensuing four years, the director follows Marwa’s day to day life in the camp, where she blossoms from a child to a young woman.

Midnight Traveler

Director: Hassan Fazili / 87 mins / UK Premiere

After receiving a Taliban death sentence, Afghan filmmaker Hassan Fazili decides to get his family to safety in Western Europe. Staying one step ahead of aggressive smugglers and right-wing nationalists, Hassan, his wife and two daughters capture their dramatic journey on mobile phones, pausing occasionally to contemplate the wonder and natural beauty all around them.

One Child Nation
Director: Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang / 85 mins / UK Premiere

In order to expose rampant human-rights abuses, filmmaker Nanfu Wang fearlessly confronted Chinese government agents in her 2016 Sundance Film Festival documentary, Hooligan Sparrow. Her goal in One Child Nation is no less daunting: unmask the tightly held secrets of China’s one-child policy and, in so doing, free the voices of millions irreparably harmed by the practice. For Wang, now a first-time mother, investigating the policy of forcibly restricting family size spawns traumatic recollections from her own family’s recent past. 

About Love
Director: Archana Atul Phadke / 91 mins / World Premiere

Three generations of the Phadke family live and work together in South Mumbai. As they prepare for a family wedding, director Archana Atul Phadke, who is not in any hurry to marry, observes the shifting, often very funny household dynamics, as both her mother and grandmother wonder how they have tolerated their husbands for so long.