We are pleased to announce that our collection of eight films in partnership with Vídeo nas Aldeias ("Video in the Villages") will be available on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects to UK residents until 31 August.

To complement this programme we are commissioning a series of films with local and international platforms, responding to our Rebellions strand, which will be screened in October. These will be announced in the coming months. 

For now, you watch the films for free on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects.

Thanks to the generous support of Wellcome Trust all films in The Exchange programme can be accessed free of charge.

The Doc/Fest Exchange films for summer 2020 are:

Bicycles of Nhanderu
Dir Patricia Ferreira (Keretxu) | 2011 | Brazil | 48 mins | Guarnai language with English subtitles

An immersion in spirituality and everyday life of the Mbya-Guarani from the Koenju village, in southern Brazil.


Corumbiara: They Shoot Indians, Don't They? / Corumbiara
Dir Vincent Carelli | 2009 | Brazil | 117 mins | Portuguese language with English subtitles

In 1985, a daring worker of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Brazil denounced a massacre in the lawless region of Corumbiara. The investigations turned to a series of Indian genocides in the area. Spanning 20 years, the film shows the search for proof and the version of the survivors, when they were finally found, hiding in the forest, terrified of white men…


The Hyperwomen
Dir Carlos Fausto, Leonardo Sette | 2011 | Brazil | 80 mins | Portuguese language with English subtitles

Fearing the death of the elderly wife, the husband asks his nephew to perform Janurikumalu, the highest female ritual of the Upper Xingu (MT), so she can sing one more time. The women in the group start rehearsals while the only singer who actually knows all the songs is seriously ill.


I've already become an image / Já me transformei em imagem
Dir Zezinho Yube | 2008 | Brazil | 32 mins | Portuguese and Hunikui language with English subtitles

Comments about a people’s history, made by the film’s characters and the filmmakers. From the time of the first contact with white men, through captivity in the rubber tree plantations, up until their current work with video-making, the testimonies reveal the meanings behind the processes of dispersion, loss and and reencounter lived by the Hunikui people.


Martyrdom / Martírio
Dir Vincent Carelli (with Ernesto de Carvalho e Tita) | 2016 | Brazil | 162 mins | Portuguese and Guarani language with English subtitles

The great reclaiming march for the sacred Guarani Kaiowá territories through Vincent Carelli’s filming, who recorded the birthplace of the movement in the 1980s. Twenty years later, touched by the successive massacres reports, Carelli searches the origins of this genocide, a conflict of disproportionate forces: the peaceful and obstinate insurgency of the dispossessed Guarani Kaiowá against the powerful apparatus of agribusiness


The Spirit of TV / O Espírito da TV
Dir Vincent Carelli | 1990 | Brazil | 18 mins | Portuguese and Waiãpi with English subtitles

Beginning with the arrival by canoe of a TV and VCR in their village, The Spirit of TV documents the emotions and thoughts of the Waiãpi as they first encounter their own TV images and those of others. They view a tape from their chief’s first trip to Brasilia to speak to the government, news broadcasts, and videos on other Brazilian native peoples. The tape translates the opinions of individual Waiãpi on the power of images, the diversity of native peoples, and native peoples’ common struggles with federal agents, gold miners, trappers and loggers.


Tava, the Stone House / Tava, a casa de pedra
Dir Vincent Carelli, Patricia Ferreira (Keretxu), Ariel Duarte Ortega, Ernesto Ignacio de Carvalho | 2012 | Brazil, Argentina | 78 mins | Portuguese language with English subtitles

Mbyá-Guarani myth, history and memory about Jesuit reductions and the ‘guaranítica’ war of 17th century that happened in Brazil, Paraguai and Argentina.


We gather as a family / Eu já fui seu irmão
Dir Vincent Carelli | 1993 | Brazil | 32 mins | Portuguese, Gavião and Krahô languages with English subtitles

This tape documents a cultural exchange between the Parkatêjê (Gavião) of the Para state and their “relatives”, the Krahô of Tocantins. Kokrenum, the charismatic chief of the Parkatêjê, organizes a visit to the Krahô, who speak their language and maintain their traditions. The 50 young Parkatêjê he brings along to participate in a ceremony consisting of singing, body painting and preparations for the long, strenuous relay race through the savannah. The following year, the Parkatêjê return the invitation and the Krahô travel to kokren’s village. The two chiefs discuss cultural issues and seal a pact of friendship between their groups.