2020 is the year that brings unprecedented change to our world, and documentary production is no exception. Between Brexit and COVID-19, no funding source or regular networking event connecting you to financiers and co-producers remains the same. New fledgling networks have emerged in this period, with a desire to foster new and radical methods of collaboration and to reimagine how we finance and distribute our films. Film producers and directors look beyond the system as we know it for alternatives in the years to come. 

Session producers and co-chairs:

Brigid O’Shea (Documentary Association of Europe) and Aleksandra Bilic (My Accomplice).


Malin Hüber, Producer, HER film

Matt Kay, Director/Producer, Walks of Life Films

Ana Naomi de Sousa, Director & Journalist

Nora Mandray, Director & Producer, MAKO Films

A recording of this session is available to all Digital Industry Pass Holders on our Doc/Player platform.

Supported by Documentary Association of Europe