Together with Creative England we're happy to present a 4 part workshop series for artists working in both Virtual and Augmented Reality.

This programme will span over 4 sessions and will consider the longevity of VR and AR content and its potential impact on business growth. Looking at what commissioners and investors look for in these modern artforms, the realities and challenges of VR and AR reaching wider audiences, exhibition in a wider art world and how the future of VR and AR has the potential to challenge traditional forms of market trade. 

This programme will look into methods of packaging your completed VR and AR work for curators and planning an effective market and exhibition strategy for your work. 

We will offer insight into the perceived trends of VR and AR content, where that perception stems from, and what organisations are welcoming such artforms more consistently.

In an age of rapidly developing technology, an artist may find themselves beholden to trends as a means to remain current, if not socially engaged. As an artist you might ask yourself:
    - Do I need to contend with technology (headset) advancements and depreciation? And how does that impact on my work?
    - Where do I desire for my artwork to be seen?
    - Can my work have longevity?

We invited key industry professionals from the visual and immersive art sectors as well as collectors and researchers, to deliver a series of presentations on their organisations aims, research processes and year round models. The selected session leads are invited because of their contribution towards working with artists in Virtual and Augmented Reality and their openness to support the longevity of those artforms. 

This programme is about strategy once an artwork has recently been created and not from a funding or pre-creation point of view.

This online programme does not require accreditation and is free of charge.

To attend these sessions, it is not mandatory to be an artist working in Virtual and Augmented Reality, although it is aimed at them.


EDITION 1: Programme Introduction, Project Packaging & Exhibition Strategising

11:00-12:00 BST /// Wednesday 12 August
Presented by Joe Cutts - Curator & Head of Alternate Realities, Sheffield Doc/Fest

To open the programme, Curator & Head of Alternate Realities Joe Cutts will primarily focus on potential methods of how to package your artwork for sending to Curators, protect its artistic authenticity and how to strategically plan your exhibition strategy. In this edition, artists will learn:
About the direction of Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities Programme
    - Recent trends in the industry
    - How to package their work
    - How to strategically plan on where to distribute your work to?

Joe Cutts joined Sheffield Doc/Fest in 2011. He has been integral to shaping the identity and ethos of Alternate Realities Programme, stripping away the trend of modern technologies and aligning them with timeless art forms. He is currently leading on the artistic vision for the festival and year round programmes. Cutts is also a video installation artist and programmer based at S1 Artspace in Sheffield.

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EDITION 2: Curating Virtual & Augmented Reality (Galleries & Art Institutions)
11:00-13:00 BST /// Thursday 17 September
Presenters Announced Soon

EDITION 3: Curating Virtual & Augmented Reality (Festivals)
11:00-13:00 BST /// Wednesday 14 October
Presenters Announced Soon

EDITION 4: Collecting & Archiving Virtual & Augmented Reality
11:00-13:00 GMT /// Wednesday 11 November
Presenters Announced Soon

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Image credit: Another Dream, Multi-disciplinary Installation, Site Gallery, 2019
Courtesy of James Clarkson