Parallel to our autumn Ghosts & Apparitions - Online Arts Programme, we welcome a new series that explores the insights into the research and work of Kitty Clark, Paula Albuquerque, Maria Court & Trinidad Piriz and Keiken. This Artist Spotlight series will continue to detail the processes that form the artists' practice as well as documenting the theories and research material that contribute also. Through this we aim to investigate further into what studio culture entails, the behind the scenes methods to creation and how processes differ when the balance in our worlds shifts around us. We welcome our next artists to this series - Maria Court & Trinidad Piriz.

Maria Court and Trinidad Piriz are collaborating together with a multidisciplinary team, co-directing this audio series called The Burst of Things, which tells the story of some of the main objects protagonists of the Chilean social unrest since October 2019.

Maria Court is a Chilean documentary filmmaker, producer and academic exploring the intersection of documentary, storytelling and new media. Co-Producer and Co-Director of the award winning interactive documentary the Quipu Project (2015). She currently directs the production company Mucha Media in Chile, dedicated to producing documentaries, interactive and immersive projects with a focus on positive social and cultural impact, merging storytelling, design and technology.

Quipu Project, 2015

Trinidad Piriz is an actress and performer. Since 2007 she creates shows which she writes, directs and performs with other artists. Piriz has created sonic performances using autobiographical material: HOME, HELEN BROWN, TEATRONACIONAL, FIN, CORO.  She works on the borders of theater and music mixing everyday sounds, the most intimate thoughts and exacerbated fiction. She uses autobiographical and biographical experiences to push the word beyond its usual meaning and make social reflections from personal and everyday experiences. 

Helen Brown, 2013

Collectively, Maria and Trinidad explore the narrative potentiality of sound stories to further explore the intersection of fiction and documentary to make sense of a social revolution that started in Chile in October 2019, after years of social injustice and a capitalist and patriarchal system in decline.

The Burst of Things is a sound series about stories from the main objects who were integral to Chile’s most recent social outbreak. A pot that becomes the sound of the people is being processed in court, a subway station turnstile which is leapt by a student, a reflective vest who is in hands of a white supremasist, a face covering imagining a new possible future, a unique interview with a retired Police Weapons Rehabilitation Center, and a healed constitution ready to come to light.

Episode 1: The Innocent Pot
A pot is on trial and in her defense, she relates how she went from being a teflon pot to becoming the sound of the explosion of social unrest in Chile.
This chapter was part of Sheffield Doc/Fest's autumn Ghosts & Apparitions - Online Arts Programme.

Chapter 2:  The Last Tourniquet
After the price hike in the Metro fare, a Baquedano station turnstile is the protagonist at the start of the mass payment evasion that led to the inicial social outbreak.

Episode 3: Cora the Yellow Vest
A reflective vest is leaving testimony of the crime committed by its owner during a citizen demonstration before the police come to arrest them.
This chapter was part of Sheffield Doc/Fest's autumn Ghosts & Apparitions - Online Arts Programme.

Chapter 4: Hooded, a faceless future 
A chapter where we imagine a utopian future, the hoods are the new faces of our society, corrupt leaders have resigned and a female choral voice guides us towards a new possible future.

Chapter 5: Impunity Village
A journalist is allowed access to a retirement home where weapons used during the social outbreak are found. We can hear from their mouths their deepest beliefs and the privilege of immunity in which they live.

Chapter 6: The inner journey of a constitution
A constitution through regression and constellation therapies manages to find its oligarchic, patriarchal and authoritarian origin. An inner journey to heal the trauma

This series is a production of Mucha Media with the support of the University of Bristol, UK, Invisibles Coop,  Goethe Institute and Nave

Visit the project's immersive website at The series is now available to listen to in Spanish on apple podcast, spotify. Follow them on social media at instagram, twitter and facebook @borderpodcasts. 

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