(Image: Santikhiri Sonata by Thunska Pansittivorakul)

Today we launch the fourth and final of our series of Autumn programmes: Ghosts & Apparitions

In light of the recent government update and new restrictions coming into place from Thursday 6 November, all film screenings will now take place online only on Doc/Player, for Digital Industry Passholders, and on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects, for UK public, until Thursday 26 November.

Ghosts & Apparitions

An old question for humans is ‘how can we make visible what is invisible, sometimes only somatic, sometimes a faded memory, sometimes just a dream’?

In our programme, transitional processes are present and relevant: from forgetfulness to remembrance, from past into the present, from the individual into the collective realms. The buried memory of the Civil War in Spain present in spaces and objects in Deep Waters, recollections of childhood and the processes of transformation of the city of Taipei in The Tunnel. All That Is Forgotten in an Instant builds an intricate passionate journey between words, translations, and political landscapes, and Truth or Consequences brings to life the ghosts, desires and fragilities that haunt a community and build their resistant vision of life.

Love and Death are two of the most fundamental and universal realms of human existence, and cinema has been one of their most loyal storytellers. Loss of our loved one and the quest for meaning in desolation in Mon Amour, the effort to understand and realize loss as a challenge for making a film in Point And Line to Plane.

Ghosts & Apparitions is also about experimenting with cinematic forms and narratives and questioning what documentary can be. Frem is a voyage outside the anthropocentric perspective over landscape and nature, Santikhiri Sonata is an elegy to the powerful gracefulness of young humans dealing with political oppression and challenging it with their desires and imaginations.


The Films Programme

All titles will be available to view online from Friday 13 November – 17:00 GMT, and until Thursday 26 November – 23:59 GMT.

Xacio Baño, Spain, 2020, 25’ - World Premiere

Oreet Ashery, Israel / United Kingdom, 2019, 27’

Hui-ju Hsu, Taiwan, 2020, 30’ - International Premiere

DEEP WATERS, DYING UNDER YOUR EYES and THE TUNNEL are available to book as a bundle via Selects.

Richard Shpuntoff, Argentina, 2020, 71’ - UK Premiere

Sofia Bohdanowicz, Canada, 2020, 18’ - UK Premiere

EVERYTHING THAT IS FORGOTTEN IN AN INSTANT and POINT AND LINE TO PLANE are available to book as a bundle via Selects.

Viera Čákanyová, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2019, 73’ - UK Premiere

David Teboul, France, 2019, 172’ - UK Premiere

Thunska Pansittivorakul, Thailand, Germany, 2019, 75’ - UK Premiere

Hannah Jayanti, USA, 2020, 103’ - UK Premiere


The Arts Programme

Running in parallel to our films programme, we will also be presenting an online arts programme of the same title. Ghosts & Apparitions – Online Arts Programme is a free online series of audio, video and XR performative artworks by UK and International artists and collectives which explore current realities, a dramatised reality and an alternate reality. The artworks below will be available to view online here, from Friday 13 November.

The below artworks will be available to view online from Friday 13 November – 17:00 GMT, and until Thursday 26 November – 23:59 GMT.

Maria Court & Trinidad Piriz, Chile, 2020, 26’

Kitty Clark, United Kingdom, 2019, 5'

      Keiken, United Kingdom, 2020, 60'

      Metaverse Messenger will be streamed live via our YouTube channel on Saturday 14th Nov at 5pm GMT.

Paula Albuquerque, Netherlands, 2020, 4’ 33


As part of our Autumn Weekender series and continued programme of online talks & session, we also be welcome journalist and filmmaker Mobeen Azhar to Doc/Fest for this years' BBC Interview. He will talk to Fiona Campbell (Controller, BBC Three) about how he got his first break, his career to date and future plans, and offer tips and advice for aspiring journalists and filmmakers. This talk will take place online only, Wednesday 11 November – 18:00 GMT. Details are available here.