D E E P is a compilation of experimental shorts, web videos, and art pieces unearthed from the darker side of the internet, curated by filmmaker Chris Osborn. This year, Doc/Fest is proud to present a special IRL presentation of new, mindbending D E E P shorts that blur the line between narrative and nonfiction.

The selection includes:

Mat Dryhurst, Holly Herndon - “Eternal” - USA
Micaela Durand & Daniel Chew, first (2019)
Joe Stankus, I’ve Never Been A Fisherman (2018) - USA
Karissa Hahn, Please Step Out Of The Frame (2018) - USA
Marnie Ellen Hertzler, Hi I Need To Be Loved (2018) - USA
Annelise Ogaard, The Body Heals (2017) - USA
Ja’Tovia Gary, Giverny I (NÉGRESSE IMPÉRIALE) (2017) - USA
Christopher Radcliff, Lost Episode (2019) - USA
John Wilson, The Road To Magnasanti (2017) - USA