Discover our outdoor free screen where we’ll showcase shorts and feature documentaries from around the world. Situated off Howard Street, this is available for the enjoyment of the general public as well as the festival delegates. During the day, we will show shorts covering a variety of themes, and in the evening we will show a feature film. On Saturday, the slots will be as follows:

9:00 - Docsercise 2
Start your morning right with our daily retro aerobics hour, preparing you for a more advanced reality.

10:00 - VICE 3
A selection of cutting-edge documentaries provided by VICE.

11:00 - The Guardian 2
A collection of informative documentaries from The Guardian.

12:00 - Jessica Bishopp
A focus on the work of Jessica Bishopp, whose experimental films expose the magic in the mundane.

13:00 - Access All Areas 1
These films attempt to increase visibility of disability on screen.

14:00 - Women on Screen 1
A focus on the remarkable work, stories, and talents of women from around the globe.

15:00 - Green Screens 2
A collection of shorts covering all aspects of our beautiful and complex relationship with our planet.

16:00 - Global Citizens 3
These films showcase internationality, incorporating filmmakers from all over the world.

17:00 - Made In Yorkshire 2
A selection of films featuring work by local directors and producers.

18:00 - Queer Perspectives 1
A series of films by and about individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, examining the importance of identity and community in the face of oppression.

19:00 - The Great Pretenders
Set at TribFest, a tribute festival in Yorkshire, this feature length documentary looks at tribute bands and the individuals behind them.