Community Programme Films

The Community Programme features films from across DocFest’s wider programme alongside workshops, talks and inclusive screenings about stories forged in communities across continents to move the soul and stir the spirit. It’s about thoughts, ideas and manifestos made possible by people coming together, created in partnership with people who live in our city.

It’s our world viewed up close and from a distance - from the deepest parts of the ocean to the far reaches of space: community is the bond that sticks us together.  The stories that tell our history, our present, our culture and the places we call home -  our blueprint.  It’s about parallels and perspectives, the things that bring us together, the stuff that binds us. Our roots, our support systems, things that nurture us - solidarity and common ground.

You can find screenings of the films online and in person, including the full DocFest Exchange programme. Our workshops are all online - let us know if you need support to access these.

There are 3 dedicated Community Screenings for Schools, 4 in person Relaxed Screenings and 3 Community Highlight Screenings towards the end of the festival that speak strongly about family, truth, justice and equality.

Tell us what you think, join the conversation and tell your story too.

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