Return To Homs
  • Year2013
  • Duration90 min

Abdul Basset points to a young man in a video. He is holding a flimsy placard with “PEACEFUL” scrawled across it as he cautiously confronts the security forces. “We lost him that night,” remembers Basset. Together with a handful of young men, Basset was one of the leaders of the Syrian rebellion in the city of Homs. Their hopeful uprising in 2011 was met with increasingly violent resistance by President Assad as his army forces took over: starting with checkpoints and street closures, then by sniping and mortar grenades. Talal Derki’s award-winning film (Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Documentary) closely trails Basset and his fearless crew over a two-year period from public sing-alongs to chilling crossfires. Before their eyes, Homs is deserted, shelled, and destroyed beyond recognition. Through the unrelenting struggles faced by these men, Derki presents the real desperation behind the bloodied faces and waving rifles that have become Syria’s refrain.

Sunshine Wong

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  • Director(s): Talal Derki
  • Producer(s): Orwa Nyrabia, Hans Robert Eisenhauer
  • Country: -- Please select --, Syrian Arab Republic, Germany
  • Language: Arabic
  • Format: DCP
  • Premiere status: World Premiere
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