Regarding Susan Sontag
  • Year2014
  • Duration98 min

Susan Sontag was a novelist, a social critic, a filmmaker, and an activist, though her preferred description would probably just have been “writer”: “someone who is interested in everything”. A formidable voice of American politics and culture, Sontag’s iconoclastic work defied the high-brow, patriarchal expectations of traditional academia and embraced the rebelliousness of Godard, trashy sci-fi B-movies, and New York’s 1960s Happenings. Her brilliance gave form to the intangible – from the slipperiness of “camp” homosexuality to the “erotics” of art – as she battled her superego demands for genius and her appetite for sexual delight. Forever ruffling feathers, she refused to concede to chauvinistic, outdated presumptions and fought back with a fierce commitment to the underdog. Award-winning director Nancy Kates chronicles the life of the first rock star intellectual in Sontag’s own words and images, as well as through interviews with her most ardent supporters and detractors.

Sunshine Wong

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  • Director(s): Nancy Kates
  • Producer(s): Nancy Kates, Rachel Antell
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Format: Video HDCAM
  • Premiere status: World Premiere
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