• Year2014
  • Duration89 min

In 2011, Syria became consumed in the effort to depose the rule of the al-Assad family. As the death toll starts to mount, the E-Team (Emergencies Team) of the Human Rights Watch arrive on the scene armed with nothing more than pens and notepads, laptops and cameras. Prostrate with all too recent grief, the witnesses and survivors describe what they saw, provide evidence, wonder out loud what’s the use of talking. “It will come to accountability,” says Ole Solvang, one of the four E-teamers who agreed to have their lives and work closely examined for two years. Running across borders and hiding from bombs with them are the two acclaimed documentarians Katy Chevigny and Ross Kauffmann, who experienced first-hand the dangers of working on the ground. From hope to despair and back to hope again, the four members’ dedication demonstrates their commitment to alleviating wartime suffering.

Sunshine Wong

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  • Director(s): Ross Kauffman, Katy Chevigny
  • Producer(s): Marilyn Ness
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English, French, German, Arabic, Russian
  • Format: dcp
  • Premiere status: None
  • Website: www.eteamfilm.com
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