The Hunting Ground
  • Year2015
  • Duration100 min

Excited at having landed a place at the University of North Carolina, Annie Clark's elation evaporated when she was raped before classes began. She is far from alone: studies show that 20% of women will suffer a sexual attack at university. In a masterful, wide-ranging investigation, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering present dozens of testimonials detailing how universities of every shape and size collude to cover up sexual crimes on their campuses, creating an ideal "hunting ground" for serial offenders. Fear of damaging their reputation - and enrolment - drives shocking behaviour throughout the universities, with the fraternity and athletic communities covering up the most grievous assaults. For many victims, the institutional denial proves even more painful than the crime itself. But hope is in sight as Annie and other victims begin to fight back through the courts, hitting universities where it hurts - by threatening their revenue streams.

Carol Nahra

Executive Producer(s):
Paul Balvin , Maria Cuomo Cole , Regina Scully, Mark & Barbara Gerson , Amy Entelis , Sukey Novogratz, Vinnie Malhotra , Ruth Ann Harnisch, Jason Janego , Bob Compton, Tom Quinn , Paul Balvin , Regina Scully
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