Yemen's Skies of Terror
  • Year2018
  • Duration6 min

Akram is only 15 but has already lost a friend - his neighbours were killed when an air raid by the Saudi-led coalition hit their house in the old city of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. This is the reality of growing up in a country that has suffered three years of war and thousands of air raids. Filmed by local journalists equipped with 360-degree cameras, this rare glimpse of life inside Yemen demonstrates the toll this devastation has on those who must live in constant fear of the skies

Rating: 13

Part of Better Known Truths

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  • Project Creator(s): Viktorija Mickute, Joi Lee, Zahra Rasool
  • Producer(s): Viktorija Mickute, Joi Lee, Zahra Rasool
  • Country: Yemen
  • Language: Arabic
  • Format: Mobile VR