Lisbon Beat
  • Year2019
  • Duration75 min

Filmmakers Vasco Viana and Rita Maia -- Viana known for his work as cinematographer for two award-winning shorts by João Salaviza, Arena (Golden Palm Award, Cannes Festival, 2009) and Rafa (Golden Bear Award, Berlin Festival, 2012), and Maia, known for her work as an international club DJ, presenter at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM, and curator of several Boiler Room sessions -- will present the international premiere of Lisbon Beat, a journey around Lisbon’s suburbs through the lives of a handful of musicians establishing their place to exist in a city of complex identity struggles. Different generations and backgrounds meet, Angola to São Tomé, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau represented by old musicians and young producers. Among others, the film features DJ Nigga Fox who was represented by Portugal’s Principé label, and has recently been signed by Sheffield’s Warp Records.

Followed by a Q&A with directors Rita Maia and Vasco Viana on the 7th June.

  • Director(s): Rita Maia, Vasco Viana
  • Producer(s): Pedro Pinho, João Matos, Susanna Nobre, Leonor Noivo, Luisa Homem, Tiago Hespanha
  • Country: Portugal
  • Language: Portuguese, English, Creole
  • Premiere status: International Premiere

  • Image Available on Doc/Player