The Rest
  • Year2018
  • Duration78 min

“The Rest” is a film about refugees who fled war and persecution and arrived in Europe, the world’s bastion of human rights, yet have not found the safe havens of their dreams. Instead, they now live in limbo within a disintegrating humanitarian aid system, no longer the center of media attention, yet unable to move forward with their lives. “The Rest” is not only an accumulation of refugees’ stories but also a mirror of the European political zeitgeist, demonstrating how pan-European values of liberalism and democracy have largely failed in practice and betrayed those most in need of help.

Certified 15

  • Director(s): Ai Weiwei
  • Producer(s): Ai Weiwei
  • Country: China
  • Language: Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, English, German, French, Italian, Kurdish
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere