The Black Tree
  • Year2018
  • Duration80 min

At the center of the Earth there is a black tree, those who can reach it may be able to talk to the trees, send messages through birds and heal curses. Martín is a goat breeder from a Qom community called Santo Domingo. His community is threatened by agro-livestock companies which are taking over their territory. Since a while his goats have been dying and he doesn’t know why. In between assemblies and roadblocks, Martín must decide whether to respond to the black tree’s call or not.

  • Director(s): Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
  • Producer(s): Micaela Álvarez, Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
  • Country: Argentina
  • Language: Spanish, Toba Qom
  • Premiere status: International Premiere

  • International Award

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