The Experiment
  • Year2019
  • Duration5 min

Inspired by research into the Philadelphia Experiment, an alleged study in invisibility cloaking by the US military, The Experiment is a short audio drama in which contact with an unknown force is attempted through esoteric means. Largely considered a conspiracy theory, the mysterious and often conflicting story behind the Philadelphia Experiment tells of transporting a naval ship through space and time. Some accounts of the story describe the horror of discovering that upon reappearing, the sailors on board had become fused with the walls of the ship, others with tales of the crew briefly entering another plane of existence, never to be the same again. The Experiment takes this concept of human / object / planar fusion as its basis, using the form of audio drama to contrive a scenario where interdimensional communication might be possible.

Commissioned by BBC New Creatives, Produced by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, funded by BBC Arts and Arts Council England.

Part of the Ghosts & Apparitions - Online Arts programme.

Kitty Clark’s Artist Spotlight episode is available to view now.
  • Artist(s): Kitty Clark
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Format: Audio Installation