The Burst of Things: Objects are alive and have something to say
  • Year2020
  • Duration28 min

The Burst of Things tells the stories from the main objects that were integral to Chile’s most recent social outbreak. A pot that is on trial, a subway station turnstile which is leapt by a student, a reflective vest who is in the hands of a white supremacist, a 66 million year old fossil used as a weapon, a shirt used as a hood to defy the police, and a presidential speech that decides to unveil itself. Ideologies and structures which until now ruled us, are falling apart in front of our eyes. This is our attempt to process and rethink reality.

Episode 1: The Innocent Pot
A pot is on trial and in her defense, she relates how she went from being a teflon pot to becoming the sound of the explosion of social unrest in Chile.

Episode 3: Cora the Reflective Vest
A reflective vest is leaving testimony of the crime committed by its owner during a citizen demonstration before the police come to arrest them.

Supported by RED Knowledge Exchange Fund, University of Bristol and Invisible Coop.

This artwork contains swearing and content that some listeners might find disturbing, parental discretion is advised.

Part of the Ghosts & Apparitions - Online Arts programme.

Maria Court and Trinidad Piriz’s Artist Spotlight episode is available to view now.
  • Artist(s): Maria Court, Trinidad Piriz
  • Country: Chile
  • Format: Audiovisual Installation