We Have Boots
  • Year2020
  • Duration128 min

“The Umbrella Movement of 2014 paved the way for Hong Kong’s current upheavals, but unfolding in significantly different ways. We Have Boots focuses on the intellectual, political, and discursive underpinnings of the social and political actions of 2014, before fast-forwarding to 2019. A range of thoughtful and engaged intellectuals, students, scholars, and artists - many of whom are facing imprisonment for their democratic activism - articulate a range of philosophies, viewpoints and emotions, set against Hong Kong’s spectacular urban background of skyscrapers, night lights, and street-occupying mass movements.” Shelly Kraicer

  • Director(s): Evans Chan
  • Producer(s): Williams Cole
  • Country: USA, Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese, English
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere