Welcome to Chechnya
  • Year2020
  • Duration107 min

Since 2017, Chechnya’s tyrannical leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has waged a depraved operation to “cleanse the blood” of LGBTQI+ Chechens, overseeing a government-directed campaign to detain, torture and execute them. With no help from the Kremlin and only faint global condemnation, activists take matters into their own hands. In his new documentary, David France uses a remarkable approach to anonymity to expose this atrocity and to tell the story of an extraordinary group of people confronting evil.

Click Here to watch a pre-recorded Q&A with Welcome to Chechnya director David France, producer Alice Henty and Olga Barinova from the Moscow Community Centre for LGBT+ Initiatives, moderated by BBC Storyville’s Mandy Chang. (UK audiences only)

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  • Director(s): David France
  • Producer(s): Alice Henty
  • Country: United States, Russia
  • Language: Russian, English, Chechen, French
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere