• Year2020
  • Duration119 min

Filmed over a period of five years, Flint is the untold story of the man-made disaster that continues to haunt the United States. Narrated by Alec Baldwin, the film shows what happens when a community loses all faith in authority.
Flint reveals how the city’s life-threatening water crisis has gradually evolved into a lack of accountability and trust in authorities, a battle between science and pseudoscience, and an institutionalised failure in local infrastructure. Focusing not only on the crisis itself, but the enduring issues of partisan politics and environmental resources on which it continues to shed light, Flint is an illuminating look at a modern American tragedy.

  • Director(s): Anthony Baxter
  • Producer(s): Richard Phinney , Sabrina Gordon , Justin Weinstein , Beatrix Wood
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Premiere status: None