• Year2019
  • Duration77 min

Until 1990 the American government pursued a systematic policy of assimilation of the Native tribes. From the age of three Native children were locked up in boarding schools where they were to be ‘civilized’ and ‘Christianized’. Prevented to speak their own languages and from learning about their heritage and cultures, they grew up far from their families.

The Reval brothers are Jicarilla Apaches: Audie and Leon, two giants. One is a hunter, the other a politician. They were raised off their ancestral land. When Leon loses the tribal elections and his councilman title, the question of their tribal affiliation legitimacy resurfaces, stronger than ever.

The uncertainty of their future echoes that of the Jicarilla tribe, fighting to restore the unity of its scattered memory.

Click Here to watch a pre-recorded introduction with the director of Seekers, Aurore Vullierme. (UK audiences only)

  • Director(s): Aurore Vullierme
  • Producer(s): Elsa Klughertz
  • Country: France
  • Language: English
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere