You Think The Earth Is A Dead Thing / Tu Crois Que La Terre Est Chose Morte
  • Year2019
  • Duration70 min

Just one of the many far-reaching impacts of the slave trade on human history is on agriculture and horticulture. While the French plantation owners on the Caribbean island of Martinique had their gardens laid out, Versailles-style, their enslaved workers continued their tradition of using medicinal wild herbs.
Nowadays these herbs represent one of several resources through which the people of Martinique counter the health and ecological ravage caused by the use of pesticides on the banana plantations. Farmers are reclaiming uncultivated lands to grow indigenous vegetables, without any industrial pesticides; they fight boldly for simple biodiversity.

  • Director(s): Florence Lazar
  • Producer(s): Julie Paratian
  • Country: France
  • Language: Creole, French
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere