Dying Under Your Eyes
  • Year2019
  • Duration27 min

Dying Under Your Eyes explores the sudden death of Daniel, Ashery’s father, in 2018. The film unravels the processes of ageing, dying, grief and intimate surveillance as witnessed on the artist’s smartphone, alongside otherworldly rituals performed by two family members. Through the eyes of their carer Nishanti, Dying Under Your Eyes narrates the daily routines leading up to Daniel’s fall and subsequent hospitalisation and Haya, Ashery’s mother's move into a care home. At points Ashery dresses up as her father, attempting to embody and make sense of a confronting story of loss and love.

  • Director(s): Oreet Ashery
  • Producer(s): Oreet Ashery
  • Country: Israel, United Kingdom
  • Language: English, Hebrew
  • Premiere status: None