The Metamorphosis of Birds / A Metamorfose Dos Pássaros
  • Year2020
  • Duration101 min

Beatriz married Henrique on the day of her 21st birthday. Henrique, a naval officer, would spend long periods at sea. Ashore, Beatriz took great care of their six children. The oldest son, Jacinto (Hyacinth), my father, dreamed he could be a bird. One day, suddenly, Beatriz died. My mom didn’t die suddenly, but she too died when I was 17 years-old. On that day, me and my father met in the loss of our mothers and our relationship was no longer just that of father and daughter."" - Catarina Vasconcelos

Visually stunning, a poetic voyage into our fragilities and human bonds, blurring frontiers between memory and dream.

  • Director(s): Catarina Vasconcelos
  • Producer(s): Pedro Duarte, Joana Gusmāo, Catarina Vasconcelos
  • Country: Portugal
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere