Work or to Whom Does The World Belong // El Trabajo o a Quien le Pertenece el Mundo
  • Year2019
  • Duration65 min

Work or To Whom Does The World Belong observes a mining community through the prism of ethno-fiction, as it negotiates the decline of the same industry that enabled its emergence. A long period of deindustrialisation affecting the whole region gives way to a decaying landscape of pit-heads and slag heaps.

A housing estate once more becomes a battlefield as strikers and police clash. After the failure of the last strike, workers are faced between the choice of action or apathy.

  • Director(s): Elisa Cepedal
  • Producer(s): Marta Fernandez Crestelo, Daniel Chaytor
  • Country: Spain, United Kingdom
  • Language: Spanish, English, German
  • Premiere status: International Premiere