Yãmīyhex: The Women-Spirit // Yãmīyhex: Mulheres Espírito
  • Year2019
  • Duration76 min

After some months in the Verde village, in Ladainha (Minas Gerais), the yãmiyhex (women-spirit) are getting ready to leave. The filmmakers Sueli and Isael Maxakali record the preparations and the big farewell party. During those festive days, a crowd of spirits cross the village. The yãmiyhex leave but they will always return, missing their fathers and mothers.

A film haunted by a myth, inhabited by the careful construction of rituals and celebration, moved by the force of a spiritual bond with every manifestation of life.

Click Here to watch a pre-recorded introduction with Yãmĩyhex: The Women-Spirit directors, Sueli Maxakali and Isael Maxakali.
(UK audiences only)

  • Director(s): Sueli Maxakali, Isael Maxakali
  • Producer(s): Associacão Filmes de Quintal
  • Country: Brazil
  • Language: Maxakali
  • Premiere status: International Premiere