Schlingensief - A Voice That Shook The Silence / Schlingensief – In das Schweigen hineinschreien
  • Year2020
  • Duration124 min

Christoph Schlingensief's provocative films, theatre, performance art, installations, television, operatic and artistic productions shaped the cultural and political discourse in Germany for two decades before his death in 2010 at age forty-nine. This film is the first to attempt to exhaustively document the vast spectrum of this exceptional artist's oeuvre. His love/hate relationship with Germany, his passion, and his limitless energy to create art in so many different forms are brilliantly depicted through the editing of the various rare archives that director Bettina Böhler has assembled.

  • Director(s): Bettina Böhler
  • Producer(s): Frieder Schlaich , Irene von Alberti
  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Premiere status: UK Premiere